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One charged for Somerville gun battle; more sought

Somerville Police report arresting one man in connection with a shootout at the Mystic development Tuesday afternoon, say additional men stopped not long after in Cambridge might also have been involved.

Police say they are continuing to hunt for suspects and to investigate why two groups of men might have started shooting at each other around 1:15 p.m. Police Chief Charles Femino says he is deploying additional patrols to the area in the meantime.

According to police, a gun was recovered at the scene and the one man they have connected to the gunfire exchange was arrested not long after near the Healy School.

A short time later, a Medford Police Officer located the fleeing vehicle in Cambridge. Two of the four occupants fled; the Medford Officer was able to detain two others until Cambridge Police arrived. The vehicle was determined to have been stolen in Boston. Cambridge Police placed the two individuals in custody for Receiving Stolen Property who will be questioned regarding the Somerville shooting.

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