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Out of stater charged with selling fake Celtics tickets outside the Garden

Boston Police report nabbing a man from Naugatuck outside the Garden last night on charges he was not just holding counterfeit tickets for good luck.

Jeffrey Hall, 29, was only issued a summons for the counterfeit Game 3 tickets they say he was holding around 8:30 p.m., but was brought into custody on a warrant issued in Wrentham District Court for selling forged tickets and reselling real tickets to an unspecified event.

Police urge people who really want to see the Celtics in person to "only buy tickets from authorized ticket agencies:"

Fans who purchase tickets from a secondary source are taking a chance and do so at the buyer’s own risk. Officers want to proactively curb such activity and encourage buyers to only purchase from official vendors. Purchasing via other means creates the potential for possessing an invalid and/or counterfeit ticket.

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I didn't even think it was possible to have a paper ticket in this day and age.

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it's a retrohip thing, like vinyl. Pay extra for the inconvenience, and prove that you're in the know!

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They charge you either way, at least I have a stub I can find years from the event and recall it fondly.

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I'm guessing the scammer had phony tickets on his phone that he was emailing or sharing.

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...was selling paper fakes and counting on some fool to not realize that there was no such thing.

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ticket takers. they gotta tell some poor schlep he just gave someone 2 grand for fake tickets. that must not be much fun.

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There once was a man from Naugatuck,
Just trying to make a quick buck,
But his tickets were bad,
And so for that poor lad,
Into the slammer they did chuck.

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I mean, even more than a thousand dollars for Daddy Yankee at Agannis must be considered extreme somewhere...

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