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Pair of New Yorkers arrested on charges related to catalytic converters that have been going missing in Roxbury

Boston Police report officers out looking specifically for catalytic-converter thieves early this morning nabbed a pair of New Yorkers who may be responsible for a series of catalytic-converter thefts of late.

Police says officers were driving past a truck yard at Norfolk Avenue and Magazine Street In Roxbury around 2:20 a.m. when they noticed a fence that had been newly cut open. Then they noticed a couple of guys running through the lot.

Andy Casiano, 33, of Brooklyn, and Jorge Serna-Fernandez, 51, of Queens, were unable to find a suitable hiding space and they were quickly arrested, police say, adding:

Officers also located a discarded backpack containing a collapsible baton and multiple burglarious tools, including multiple reciprocating saws, multiple replacement batteries, bolt cutters, and spare saw blades.

Both were charged with breaking and entering in the nighttime, trespassing and defacing/damaging property, police say. Casiano was further charged as the sawman, or more specifically, with possession of burglarious tools.

Police are now looking at whether they can charge the two with some $50,000 worth of catalytic converters thefts and associated vehicle damage in recent days.

Innocent, etc.

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Excellent news!

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I never tire of that word, BURGLARIOUSBURGLARIOUSBURGLARIOUS!!!!!!!! Also, all that strenuous work, I bet those guys were exhausted.

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Nice pun!

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Even better when they spell it Bulgarious.

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