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We still don't really know why David Ortiz got shot

Dan Kennedy notes the dueling Boston Magazine and Globe stories over the weekend over why David Ortiz got shot in 2019. The Globe does have former BPD Commissioner Ed Davis recounting a disrespected-gangster theory, while BoMag does not; Kennedy notes that Davis, hired by Ortiz, is a security consultant to the Globe, whose owner, of course, is a major shareholder in the Red Sox.


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had the balls to ask Ed Davis what he knew about Pat Rose. Meanwhile, the bloated ex-Commish is still making bank off the fact that he was in the right place at the right time when the Tsarnaev bros blew up the Marathon.

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He had nothing to do with the investigation of Pat Rose and the resolution of his disciplinary case.

He didn’t arrive at BPD until 2006, more than a decade after Rose was accused. Davis had no time for liars or miscreants. He instituted a zero tolerance policy for untruthfulness that resulted in the termination/resignation of more than a dozen officers. It also earned him a fair amount of scorn from the rank and file.

I know you don’t like to think critically or in a nuanced fashion when you are goring your latest disfavored public servant, but blaming Ed Davis for Pat Rose is ridiculous.

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Rose was accused in 1995 and still became the union President during Ed’s time on the BPD.

He, the Evans bros and many others including Davis have done nothing but bury their heads in the sand when it comes to Rose and no one has held them accountable when it came to a disgusting skinner being basically given a pass for years.

Meanwhile. Davis is making bank being the low rent Guiliani of Boston.

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If anyone saw the video of Ortiz and his friends getting shot at, it is quite apparent he was a target. It was not a robbery, that was clearly an intentional attempt to kill. He is beloved around here, which I still kind of get, but he isn't squeaky clean... he obviously has a nefarious connection there who didn't get their cut.

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Ortiz was messing around with a drug kingpin's girlfriend.

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Both articles say there is little support for that being the motive, and the Commonwealth Magazine writer even casts doubt on the “drug kingpin” ordering the hit.

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Ed Davis did a good job communicating with the public after the Marathon bombing, but he has always been something of a self-promoting bullshit artist, even before he went into business for himself.

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