Quincy Lowe's to close

Lowe's says its Quincy store is underperforming.





That’s the best one

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Always fully stocked with everything the others don’t have.

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If the one in Dedham goes under, then we'll know that location is under some kind of curse.

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Pls don't close Dedham; Pls don't close Dedham; Pls, Pls, Pls..

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It's always easy to work with Lowes in Dedham. But Home Depot in West Roxbury? Shudder.

I'm surprised Lowes needs to close any stores at all. But that probably depends on their definition of "needs to" and "underperforming".

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I second your hopes

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Before that Lowes opened, I swore that I would never go to the WR Home Depot again if Lowes opened nearby. I keep that promise about 80% of the time and would hate to go back to the bad old days.

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The last I went to a Papa

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The last I went to a Papa Gino's, I followed that up by buying a new boombox at Fretter.

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I hate when the independent

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I hate when the independent hardware stores don't have something and I have to go to HD. Or it's after 7 pm and HD is the only place open.

It's too bad Lowe's doesn't have any stores closer to downtown.

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