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Fight at Brighton High ends with one student stabbing another with a pencil

The Brighton High School building was put in safe mode for about 90 minutes this morning after a hallway fight around 9:30 a.m. that ended with one student jabbing the other in the head with a pencil.

A school staffer reports the injury was not serious and the student is now home.

BPS provided the text of the robo-call made to parents about the incident:

Hello, Brighton High School Community.

[We are] calling to inform you about an incident that occurred at about 9:30 this morning.

At that time, one student and another student got into an altercation in the hallway. One student was stabbed with a pencil.

The student who was injured was transported to a nearby hospital.

The other student has been arrested by Boston School Police.

No other students were involved in this incident or injured.

Our staff and officers from Boston School Police immediately responded to this incident when it occurred.

Our school was placed into safe mode for about 90 minutes as a precaution. This means that students stayed in their classrooms while the police looked into what happened.

We are working closely with the police to ensure our school is safe. There will be an increased police presence at our school today and tomorrow.

The safety of students and staff is always our top priority at Brighton High School and in the Boston Public Schools. Violence of any kind is not tolerated.

The students involved in today’s incident will be subject to the BPS Code of Conduct and will receive appropriate interventions.

Please know that our school is full of trusting adults. If you ever hear of any safety threats, please contact us immediately.

If you are a student seeking assistance please know services are available through the Behavioral Health Services Department. We are here to support you.

Thank you for your time.


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Insert John Wick reference here.

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This doesn't happen in Brookline.

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When I was leaving the station today about 2:15 the Transit Police were breaking up fights and they had one kid in handcuffs.

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anybody remember when Cracker got stabbed at Brighton? Phil C. carried him to the hospital and saved him.

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As in the basketball Phil C?

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Man, this would never happen if we allowed teachers to carry pencils in the classroom.

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