Pay attention, class: This is how you storrow a truck

Storrowed truck

Get 'er up to ramming speed and damn the torpedoes! DF captured the scene on Storrow Drive inbound at the Silber footbridge around 6 p.m. Scroll down the comments for a photo of the truck's contents.



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I score it a 5.0

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All flash and no substance, the John Silber way.

Stayed upright.

Nothing scattered from the trailer.

Not blocking the entire road.

On the other hand that's a pretty clean peel off of the roof and I suspect no one got hurt.

Just don't make trailers like they used to.

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There used to be something called

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a "Silbered election".

The left all voted for the Republican, Weld, and the right all voted for the Democrat, Silber.

That John Silber made Dick Cheney look like Mr. Rogers was ... part of the reason why.

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We have a winner!

10! That's a full 10! Complete canopener with ample side collapse style points!

Grand Award! Absolute fucking perfection!

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We should rate the instances

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We should rate the instances of storrowing! ;-)

The accordion top sheered off cleanly rates a 8.5 I think!

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Better Photo


I give the driver 10/10. Completely made it through, completely sheered off the roof.

That is how it's done.

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Quite the festive photo

Making tinsel the hard way ... but at least the "presents" seem mostly unharmed.

Funny how this doesn't look like graduate student wares to me ...

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And someone

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Will have no idea that their fridge was in such an accident 2 years from now when it starts acting up.

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Welcome to Boston! Title

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Welcome to Boston! Title Town. This is OUR fucking city!!

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