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Two more multi-family buildings proposed for Washington Street corridor in West Roxbury

A Westwood developer wants to put 72 units of housing in two buildings on Heron Street, just south of the Speedy Market on Washington Street in West Roxbury.

As is usual in West Roxbury, if not in the rest of Boston, the proposal calls for more parking spaces than the number of units.

In a letter of intent filed with the BPDA this week, Peter Heaney of Onsite Builders and Development, says the buildings would be sort of kitty corner across from each other on either side of Heron. Heaney is proposing 84 parking spaces - 48 in garages and 36 on the surface.

One of the project's neighbors would be the Stony Brook Condominium building, which in turn is a neighbor to a 46-unit apartment building with 64 parking spaces that is now under construction.

Washington Street from Lagrange Street to Grove Street has other multifamily buildings as well.

11-26 Heron St. letter of intent (2.3M PDF).


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Would it be rude to transport that trash, especially the dog waste, to the White House? He who shall not be named made clear that he thinks the White House is a real dump. His wish should be granted.

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I'm suspecting you meant to post this in the Bunker Hill discussion.

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First, I have no problem with this proposal, but then again I'm not an abutter.

It never ceases to amaze me at how crowded 34 and 34E buses get. When I take buses from the Square to Forest Hills (or sometimes vice versa) they are always the most crowded Washington Street buses.

Were I in charge of the T (and have an unlimited supply of money) I'd start tunneling from Forest Hills up Washington Street, putting in stations at Archdale, the Square, Beech Street, LaGrange, where this is going in, Grove Street, and at the Dedham Mall. All of those stops have the density except for the Mall, and were my outlandish proposal to go forward, they could finally implode the place and restart as a mixed use development. It's a lot of space that is mostly wasted. Overall, it's a great Smart Growth corridor that could help with housing issues.

All I would need is the funding. Of course, that's a big need, but I can dream.

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Or they can replace the Needham line with orange, for a lot less money, and use the resulting rejiggering of the busses to increase coverage to the washington street corridor and even beyond into dedham.

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The Needham Line is over a mile from the corridor. The density along the Needham Line is a lot less than the density along Washington Street.

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Bravo to this post! It baffles me that more remote locations like Braintree and Malden have T but West Roxbury still doesn’t. This is Boston after all! It’s a straight line to Forest Hills from Dedham Mall and Washington St gets completely congested every day in peak hours. Can the City finally pay attention to this district? The infrastructure here hasn’t changed for decades. Even Dedham is getting completely transformed.

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