Developers propose residential towers on Morrissey Boulevard

The Dorchester Reporter provides an early look at a proposal for 23- and 26-story towers on the old Channel 56 site, next to the old Globe site, on Morrissey Boulevard in Dorchester.



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What JP coop building? Where?

The tallest building in JP?

Jamaicaway Tower on Perkins by the J Way?

I believe that is a co-op building. It is regardless of ownership structure, very tall and yet didn't destroy the neighborhood.

Many consider

Jamaicaway Towers a visual eyesore in the neighborhood and on the Emerald Necklace. YMMV.

It was built the old-fashioned way--the BRA declared the property blighted, a politically-connected person then took it over for development.

It was built to be fortress-like--to attract owners to buy, yet feel safe in the neighborhood..

It is a co-op.

'Many' is doing a lot of work there

I'd bet if you polled JP residents, more would not care or have no opinion than would be against the building.

Love the new goalposts - impact on the Emerald Necklace. Better knock down that new building at the end of Boylston St then.

Not sure what building

on Boylston you are referencing, but Boylston between Ipswich and Brookline Ave. has many high rises that blend in with one another and are not one-of-a-kind in a low rise area.

Caring for the parks is hardly moving the goal posts. They have been there for awhile.

Seriously, though

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What neighborhood? Its a pretty isolated area boarding 93/train lines on one side and Morrissey (aka mini 93) on the other, with its neighbors being UMass, BC High, the shuttered Globe building, parking lots, and light industrial/office.

next to star market too.

next to star market too.

If we can get the bike lanes done it will have great access to the emerald necklace. It will be next to the Globe Project too. There will be more amenities by the time it is finished.

BC High

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will never see another sunset.