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Golden sunset over Boston

Sunset over Boston and Boston Harbor

Robert Sweeney took in this evening's sunset.

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That's nice. What's the location of those buildings in the foreground?

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That is my guess. Not North End and definitely not Charlestown (well unless it is a 600 zoom or something, but the angle is still wrong).

Edit: see my response below.

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I almost want to say Charlestown but maybe Beacon Hill? Not to out Robert's address obviously..I just can't place the locale...

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But I think we would see the Zakim/93 at the very least which sort of rules out Charlestown..

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North end

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I don't think there is anyplace you can see the Charles going into Cambridge like in the right side of the photo from the North End.

I may be wrong about Irving it could be Garden, Anderson (although not likely given the type of buildings in the foreground), or Grove (although you would see more of Charles Circle from Grove).

Edit: A quick bit of research: Grove St. I was thrown off because it is higher up the hill than I normally go.

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if you look closely you can almost see robert deniro dropping pieces of a broken gun into the chimney pipes.

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