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Police: Man smacks woman with his phone, tries to make off with her stroller - and her one-year-old - in Cambridge

Wanted man in Cambridge

Cambridge Police report they are looking for a guy they say attacked a woman in the area of Harvard and Prospect streets around 9:40 a.m.

Police say the guy started yelling at the woman and struck her with his phone.

The suspect then reportedly grabbed and unsuccessfully attempted to pull her stroller, which was carrying the woman's 1-year-old child. The suspect was described as a white male in their late 20s wearing a multi-colored hat, green shirt, khaki shorts, brown packpack and he was barefoot at the time of the incident. He fled in the direction of Inman Street toward Central Square when witnesses lost sight of him.

The victim declined medical attention.

If he looks familiar, contact Cambridge Police at 617-349-3300.



The aftermath of a Phish concert is not to be taken lightly

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Same guy as the one who attacked someone in the McDonalds recently?

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And he's one of those dufuses who wears a wool cap in the summer. I wish that early 90s trend would go away.

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Someone raised dad's closet..

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Cargo shorts and pants are comfortable and very useful for carrying shit. I carry an asthma enhaler, allergy drugs, saline nasal solution, couple of bluetooth earbuds (redundancy in case one dies, stops working), eyeglass case, battery power bank and cable, gum, vape, phone (of course), various odds and ends, at all times. I can't fit all this shit into the pockets of my slim fit jeans, pants. I hate carrying a man purse or backpack.

If women don't like them, too damn bad. I think many things women like to wear look ridiculous but keep my mouth shut.

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Not sure what triggered anon’s anti-women rant above in the reply above. None of the previous posters joking about the shorts indicated their gender. It’s very possible they were all men.

And it feels really out of place as a comment in yet another sad article about a woman in Boston being attacked by a man, while she’s out minding her own business!

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If women don't like them, too damn bad. I think many things women like to wear look ridiculous but keep my mouth shut.

Question for you: when someone uses the nick "FriarTuck", what are the odds that they're a woman?

Not, mind you, that your rant was in any way appropriate to begin with.

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Amazing how women and girls have to deal with comments about their looks, clothing, and bodies a million times a day but you get upset and rage about women b/c someone mentions the fashion nightmare of cargo shorts? Your male fragility is showing sweetie. You should smile more and start wearing a man purse.

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the shorts it's the guy wearing them

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Someone on Cambridge Nextdoor reported that he/she has seen him over the past several months ALWAYS wearing the same clothes as in the pic and always barefoot. He's been seen coming up Prospect from S'ville toward Inman Sq, and the reporter had the impression that he has emotional problems. Cambridge police have already reached out to the Nextdoor reporter for more details.

If barefoot, don't know exactly where he would be hanging out around Central Sq. Maybe going over to the Charles?

So, if he was yelling before the assault, it's possible that he was having command hallucinations and was responding to those. Hopefully he's found and gets help, as well as shoes.

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I hope the victim of this man's unprovoked assault is okay.

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Smart guy.. cargo shorts, t-shirt, barefoot, unkept looking. He'll blend in well in Cambridge as anonymously as a Toyota prius there. Good luck finding this guy..

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mental illness, but my first thought on seeing that photo was this.

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