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Police say guy punched out elderly man who tried to calm him down after his pal wasn't allowed on a Mattapan trolley with a bicycle


Transit Police report arresting a man who took out his anger at the way his friend wasn't allowed to board a Mattapan Line trolley at Ashmont with a bicycle by first threatening the driver and then punching and slapping a 77-year-old man who tried to defuse the situation.

Police say the man with the bike and Aaron Callender-Maloney, 26, tried getting on a trolley shortly after 7 p.m. on Saturday, but the driver said bicycles weren't allowed on the 1940s-era car. The bicycle guy left, but Callender-Maloney stayed on, getting so hot under the collar he took his shirt off:

Callender-Maloney threaten the operator as the trolley continued on stating " Don't think I'm going to let that slide". At one point the male removed his shirt and took a position close to the operator. At this time a 77 year old male victim attempted to calm Callender-Maloney down and diffuse the situation. Callender-Maloney responded by striking the victim with a closed fist in the face and then slapping him twice.

Police say the driver radioed to request officers meet her car at Butler, which they did, but Callender-Maloney ran out of the car as soon as they doors opened and past the officers. But, police say, officers began cruising the area and soon found Callender-Maloney, still without a shirt on, several blocks away on River Street. They then arrested him on a charge of assault and battery on an elderly person, police say.

Innocent, etc.

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But every day we hear of these horrible stories on the T. Why did they close down the police office at Mattapan station? They used to have an officer there all day and night.


Why don't we ever get answers to these questions???

...because you're asking them in the completely wrong place?

I imagine you participating in this sort of dialogue on a regular basis:

"Why did they shut down the Mattapan police station?"

"Sir, this is a Wendy's."


people don't speak up more often when someone's being a scumbag on the train/bus/sidewalk.


I’m positive this is the guy I nearly fought Downtown a few months ago for supposedly attacking his gf. These college girls were confronting him about it and he tried to act tough towards them. Only myself and this older couple stepped in and I was eager to break this woman-beating POS arm. Good to know he attacks the elderly too..


that someone YOUNGER THAN && didn't step up and maul this guy after he punched an old man! And no one tried restraining him for the cops? This is my neighborhood, and this makes me sad.


Was there anyone else on the train?

Do you want to risk getting prosecuted by an overzealous DA? Or getting arrest by the cops when they can't figure out who started it? Or face a civil suit by an ambulance chaser? Or potentially get bitten, stabbed, stuck with a needle, shot, or otherwise harmed dealing with a violent person that doesn't seem to care about consequences?

Trying to be a good Samaritan can be a good deed that goes punished. It would be one thing if the trolleys had cameras to back up your story as reliable witnesses. But they don't. It sucks but the criminals often have the legal system on their side to do harm to you while you can't touch them without burning through a lot of time and money on attorneys. They have nothing to do lose and you do. They use that against you.


Yea, f*ck that.

I wouldn’t intervene because we live in a city that has seriously dangerous people. And I know better.

Sorry, I simply don’t accept your logic, Coyote137.

This sort of shameful violence happens because people don’t step up more and don’t back each other to stop violence in the moment. It’s not as though Boston is some sort of frontier town in which law/order has never been known. Rather, it appears to be devolving.

Let things go to heck, heck will eventually roost on your doorstep and the trouble that comes will have cause to find you.

Shame on those two hooligans. Shame on the other T riders who didn’t stand up with that 77 year old man who was protecting, it seems like, a female MBTA driver.

Males, need to speak up or, if necessary, intervene, when they see shit like this happening. It's because most guys have been cowered into looking the other way, down at their phone, afraid of being accused of fill-in-the-blank, that these things occur.

Sorry if I trigger anyone, but; I blame the political correctness and the oppressive climate of learned helplessness and passive aggression, more than anything else, for this mess. And, of course, thst ever present bogeyman, legal liability.

I day 'guys' and 'males' because, let's acknowledge basic biology; males are, ON AVERAGE, stronger and more aggressive than females.

And another thing: Many women need to understand words and smack talk will only work so far with a dude like this; he doesn't respect what's called on the street 'girl talk', he understands a punch in the face and a beating.In fact, arguing and lecturing him will usually make the situation worse.

Not a real man, that's for sure. Very insecure loser. He can fight all he wants in jail.

If he claims it made him sad that his friend couldn't get on the trolley.


citations needed


you on the trolley with your bike lock.


Act your age.

If the circumstances in the case are as they are presented here are factual,

This young man needs jail not prison. I feel this young man regardless of any circumstances in his life deserves some prison time for abuse of an elderly which if I'm not forgetting that's a felony they're just so many various charges you should stick to the animal.

There is absolutely no diversion and if he claimed to mental health issues you hold them until he's sane than you prosecute him and sentence him when he sane.

There is no excuse for the actions of this individual. However, the no bikes on the T rule seems to create more problems than its worth, at times. A number of times at rush hour in Downtown Crossing I have heard the operator announce to someone way up the platform not to board the train with bike. Most announcements by the operator are either not heard by a majority of people or ignored. One morning the operator kept shouting at someone halfway in a train talking happily away to a friend to get out of the way of the doors, the individual was so engrossed in the conversation that they did not hear the operator. Some people are listening to headphones. I've heard operators shouting to someone, no bikes allowed before 7 PM, the person does not hear it or realize the operator is talking to them. Why bother. The trains are crowded enough at rush hour, a bike isn't going to make much difference.

And this is why we need a visible MBTA police presence and actual T staff in stations (not those red-shirted fill-ins, lovely though they are).

It’s simply inexcusable how many T stations lack any uniformed personnel.