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Frisky Morrissey Boulevard drawbridge fully cocked again

Napoleon Blownaparte reports the Morrissey Boulevard drawbridge is stuck in the upright position once more and that traffic is now being diverted around it. No telling what happens if it stays that way for more than four hours.

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Time to retire this bridge forever. The people at DYC will have to get smaller boats or go out at low tide, sorry.


Sunday evening around 6:30 I was waiting at that bridge on the Savin Hill side. From my vantage point it looked like the bridge got stuck with only a few feet left to lower. A lot of things went through my mind, and after ~ 3 hours on the mass pike I was ready to fulfill a childhood dream... not sure how my suspension would’ve held up, but I definitely would’ve cleared the gap.

In all seriousness, keeping the bridge operational is an absolute joke and I suspect a buddy buddy deal between the DYC and the state. I do know a state employee is paid a hefty salary to do mostly nothing, and operate the bridge for the small handful of boats that actually need it raised. Based on what info I can find online, the entire bridge was deemed in poor condition during its most recent inspection, can’t imagine that operating the drawbridge section is helping.

On Sunday, traffic had backed all the way up the 93 off ramp and onto the highway itself. The intersection where Morrissey meets the expressway was a mess, and all that happened when technically the bridge was operating normally. As my dear friend “Goosen” has said, its time to close up shop and not feel sorry for the captains who need to downsize or relocate.

In all seriousness, keeping the bridge operational is an absolute joke and I suspect a buddy buddy deal between the DYC and the state.

More likely an obligation to the Army Corps of Engineers or Coast Guard or some entity on federal level. That's a navigable waterway, isn't it? It's probably a condition of the permit for the road.


How about the Summer Street bridge in Fort Point? That channel is certainly a navigable waterway, but the same boats that can’t fit under Morrissey aren’t dropping sailors off at Gillette anytime soon either.

Let’s face it, the drawbridge is a public safety hazard. Not saying the yacht club has to vanish, but they could easily restrict vessel height. At least 95% of the boats docked there can already come and go without disrupting the lives of others.

They make sure any navigation channel stays that way. Why should car loving agencies get to just toss up bridges and close off water access?

If we built public transit like it should be, you wouldn’t even need this bridge.

According to the DYC website it is staffed 24 hours a day from April to Oct. Who pays the salary of this person? Seems like an awful lot of money just so that someone can go pleasure cruising at will

Time to replace the bridge and the rest of Morrissey as DCR set out to do years ago.
BTW, boats have the right of way. I've seen the fire boats in there many times.



Close the DYC and there's not need for boats or fireboats to get in there at all.

DYC was there first.


If the DCR or MassDOT bought out the DYC, the problem goes away. Maybe let them build on the other side of the road.

But yes, in the end, the boats came first.

A condition of the boulevard being built was to provide access to the navigable waterway. Can’t just shut the bridge down.

Time to retire the Boulevard. It has masqueraded as a highway in a flood zone for far too long.


Move the boulevard. Access
must be maintained.

That whole stretch needs improvement. The fence is falling down and the sidewalks are always covered in sand/debris. It's a shame too since it is right on the water and could looks so pretty.

There was the start of a redevelopment plan a few years ago, there was money for the plan (hasn’t been finalized), but no money for the actual construction. Hopefully in my lifetime.


old "...drawbridge is stuck in the upright position..."

So you're saying the bridge is a dinosaur with a medical condition? Jurassic Priapic?

There was a Viagra spill at the Bang Ding Ow Pharmacy near Glover's Corner, which flowed into a storm drain, running down Freeport to the Malibu basin. The bridge rose on the outgoing tide and it stayed up all night.