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Hitching a ride on the highway

Bicyclist holding onto truck on I-93

Our own Cybah forwards this photo from the Fellsway south this morning.



Southbound on Fellsway, not I-93. You can see the signs to get on I-93 straight ahead (as well as the McGrath Highway sign). Plus, I-93 is elevated near Assembly.

It's been a slow morning at the office...

As someone noted on Twitter, that's actually the southbound Fellsway (near Assembly Square). There's no other route from Wellington to Somerville, and that stretch has zero bicycle accommodations whatsoever. Complain all you want about the guy catching a ride off the truck or not wearing a helmet, but remember that the state has done absolutely zero to make this a safe place to ride.


Is spot on. And why there needs to be bike infrastructure there

However, the issue is more that he was holding on to that truck.


Is decidedly illegal (85.11b § 5) and pretty stupid but the rest of it is true: there is no good way to bike that route. Although I'd probably take Cross Street and the janky crosswalk under 93 to avoid the tunnel of death there.


Depending on where you're going, the least bad choice is probably turning off 28S at Shore Dr and then either going under 28 to Assembly and out into East Somerville, or continuing through Ten Hills and out onto Temple St to Winter Hill. The unavoidable part is the bridge over the Mystic River, but Google seems to think that the sidewalk on the southbound side of 28 is a bike path there...and given there are few pedestrians using it, I'd say that is a much safer route vs riding in traffic on 28. The downside is no trucks to hitch a ride on....

That crosswalk is the place where several pedestrians have gotten killed recently.

There are sidewalks along both sides of that whole stretch of 28. Normally I hate riding on sidewalks (and I consider cycle tracks and bike lanes on the wrong side of floating parking to be sidewalks). But in this case there are so few intersections, driveways, and pedestrians that it should be fine as long as it's not too bumpy.

There are crosswalks at every intersection, though many of them don't have curb ramps. How's that even possible in this day and age?

I went through that tunnel on a bicycle. ONCE. NEVER AGAIN.

I don't think I've ever been that scared while biking, and I used to commute through Sullivan Square.

breakdown lanes and sidewalks on either side, nice try.


Thanks, thats my fault :-)

It is Assembly Square on 28

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Anyone - Italian or not - who does anything that stupid on a bike is lucky if they don't become sausage.

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And, he is headed right into what I believe regularly makes the list of one of the most dangerous intersections in the state.

straight out of a video game.

The truck driver, the kid on the bike and Cybah for using his phone while driving. Grrr

Slow your roll, sweat pea. If you believe him, Cybah forwarded the image from a friend.

And really - if this is what's making you mad today, you've got a pretty sweet life.

How is the truck driver at fault in any way?

I bet they don't have a mandated bell or horn.

...about she and her friends grabbing onto the Cambridge Street trolley in East Cambridge for a free ride when they were wearing roller skates

The kid on the bicycle is taking his life in his hands, in any event! That highway is simply not designed for bicycling on!