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What Celtics centers use when they don't feel like bending down to pick something up?

Long shovel

Mission Hill's Boston Building Resources, which specializes in recycling cool home-improvement stuff, was left wondering by a recent donation of a shovel with a seven-foot-long handle: Like what was it used for?



Still not like long enough for Tacko Fall!

With one of them at a storm drain.
I think the technical term for it is a muck picker upper.


I think this is a specialized tool for cleaning out septic tanks.

Used for cleaning out a drilled hole for a utility pole placement

Wasn't that easy?

Is that a shovel in your pocket or are you happy to see me?

Boston Building Resources is AWESOME!!! There's always something weird like this. I remember they once had a prison toilet for some reason.


but a spoon used to clean out catch basins.

Piled Higher and Deeper.