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Grasshopper Cafe in Charlestown to close

The Charlestown Patriot-Bridge reports the owner of the Bunker Hill Street restaurant wants to retire and hopes to replace the restaurant with a three-unit building that he'd live in.



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Sad to see it go but good for him. I loved grabbing an early morning breakfast sandwich there before walking to the Navy Yard on a crisp fall morning.

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Loan's from the city are due when a property is refinanced. I don't know what the grant terms are but it was only 20k, and the guidelines are https://www.boston.gov/sites/default/files/ms_designguidelines_ph3.5.pdf

They give this money out for the same reason they give homeowner's money to maintain the exterior of their homes.

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But I wonder if the building could be rebuilt as a mixed use space, with an attractive storefront mirroring what is there now and housing above? Then he could rent it out to someone who could keep the retail amenity in the neighborhood.

"Ground floor parking" makes it sound like it will wind up looking like the building next door: two garage doors facing the street.

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in Boston without off street parking.

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