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Watchdog group wants a closer look at bribe-taking city official's other deals

WBUR reports on the concern by Common Cause and a former state investigator general about four specific real-estate deals the station discovered John Lynch was involved with that benefited from a city loan program aimed at helping homeowners improve their properties, from the department where he formerly worked.

In one of the cases, Lynch bought a deceased neighbor's home in Dorchester's Clam Point section, then won permission from the Zoning Board of Appeal to raze it and put up a duplex condo, on land not zoned for such buildings.

Lynch pleaded guilty yesterday to a bribery charge involving a South Boston building and his effort to enlist a member of the zoning board to ensure that project went through.

Zoning-board member Craig Galvin, also a Dorchester real-estate broker, resigned last week. The Globe has reported that Galvin helped Lynch market the duplex.

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I hope his home is seized by the feds.

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how about an investigation of a city councilor who bypasses the community process and negotiates her own community package that does not serve the impacted surrounding community

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Why is Buddy really on paid leave? It's hard to tell whether its because of Zoning Board corruption or Operation Clean Sweep.

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I'm a city employee and there isn't a single person involved in permitting, housing, zoning, or any other labor-related role that has not been offered or accepted some kind of bribe or kickback. Your permit will sit in limbo until someone calls their friend at city hall to move it along. A little cash in an envelope doesn't hurt. Free lunch at Richy's in Hyde Park. Or get your tab paid at Doyle's.

Everybody knows how bad the permitting process is but the people that grease the wheel won't let it change. They need the bureaucracy to keep them in business and keep the unions in power.

The unions are the ones that run this town and they decide who gets elected. This is why Marty was elected: he had the support of the unions over John Connolly. Every mayor in Boston has the support of the unions...and it's not a coincidence.

This is just how Boston works.

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If you really are a City employee you are in a union. People get fired suspense all the time when the do illegal things. Stop it troll.

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Several of the Mayors close allies are selling their souls to the Feds in exchange for a Felicity deal.

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Does he have working for the city, state, and unions?

I grew up so called working class in Boston and couldn't even get a summer job with the city even though my dad got seriously injured and was unable to work from the time I was 11 onwards. Of course, we didn't have Mr. Lynch's family connections. Even getting into a union was impossible. These people are the worse scumbags.

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Insanity that watchdog groups have to call for this and the Attorney General isn’t just doing it on her own. When it’s democrats involved, Maura Healy is nowhere to be found.

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State police Troop E... let the feds handle it
Teamster shakedowns... let the feds handle it
ZBA cozy deals... let the feds handle it
Healy for Governor 2022

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Leilling will use it to his advantage if he decides to run for Governor down the road over Healy. She’s Martha Coakley 2.0

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