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Cambridge PD: Angry Turks have First Amendment right to confront Celtics player

Cambridge Police report that after an investigation into what happened to Celtics player Enes Kanter after he left a local mosque on Friday, it's concluded that "no criminal activity occurred and that the other individuals featured in a posted video were exercising their constitutionally protected right to free speech."

Police say they advised Kanter how to "pursue a civil restraining order against the other parties, if he elects to pursue one."

The department adds:

The Cambridge Police recognizes that places of worship should be places where all can congregate with peace of mind and without fear. No group or individual should ever suffer from bias, discrimination or hate. If any member of the community does believe that they have been threatened or harassed due to their faith, they are strongly encouraged to contact the police or organizations like the Anti-Defamation League. We remain committed to supporting and protecting all places of worship, and will continue to closely work with faith leaders, their staff, and those who attend their places of worship.

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Can’t even understand what is happening in the video. All I see is glimpses of Enes and Taco Fall standing around with some men jabbering

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The issue stems from Kanter's criticism of the Turkish Dictator. The Dictator has ordered him to be arrested and brought back to Turkey to face punnishment. I believe his father was jailed for a time. Taco was an innocent bystander but is also a target because he is Muslim.

Because of this order, Enes can not travel out of the US which means every time the C's play in Toronto, he will not be there. I know he worked with Senators in Utah, Oklahoma, Portland and New York to help with keeping him safe while also fighting back. I know he's met with Markey several times as well as the Governor and Mayor.

The US has openly welcomed the Turkish Dictator and his followers to DC and because of this, he has started to experience an increase in confrontations both in person and online. He's had to cancel basketball clinics because the supporters have called in threats to the host sites and more.

It is a fascinating story and I love that he's not afraid to call these people out even if the 1st Ammendment protects them.

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