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Roslindale man found shot to death in Vermont while making deliveries for a Hyde Park produce company

Delivery truck in Vermont

Fonseca-Rivera's truck on Rte. 103 in Vermont.


Vermont State Police report that Roberto Fonseca-Rivera, 44, a driver for Katsiroubas Bros. of Hyde Park, was found dead in his Katsiroubas delivery truck on Rte. 103 in Rockingham, near I-91, Friday afternoon.

Fonseca-Rivera was in Vermont making deliveries for the company, located in the former Stop & Shop complex on Meadow Road in Readville.

His last known location was at about 12:15 p.m. Friday, Nov. 1, leaving Rutland and heading southbound on Vermont Route 103. Investigators believe the shooting occurred between 1 p.m. and 1:30 p.m. on Vermont Route 103 near the location where the victim’s body was discovered Friday evening in his vehicle. Preliminary investigation indicates this was an isolated incident.

The Brattleboro Reformer reports that Fonseca-Rivera had been sentenced to a year in federal prison last November after pleading guilty to conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute and to distribute cocaine for his role in a South Shore cocaine ring.

In a statement, Katsiroubas Bros.recalled Fonseca-Rivera as "dedicated, kind and reliable."

Roberto's smiling, outgoing presence always brightened our days. This was a man who would stay after work and help coworkers, repairing their vehicles.

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As a former Vermonter, I-93 runs nowhere near the state. I-91, perhaps?

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Thanks, fixing now.

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I-93 runs nowhere near the state.

I-93 runs straight through Waterford VT.

Off the top of my head I would have said St Johnsbury but dang it - it does not. Mandela effect, I swear.

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I-93 is my favored route to the Eastern Townships in Quebec, and it cuts right through the upper corner of Vermont.

Best route to Hill Farmstead from this area, too.

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Um, someone was murdered.

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I hope that Boston, DEA, FBI, etc are talking to VT State Police, Mass State Police

It seems fairly obvious that there is a connection between what happened on American Legion Highway and what happened in VT

and seemingly likely to connect further to

Man shot to death in Roslindale, a couple blocks from where another man was murdered on Thursday

If I didn't know better -- I'd of thought Whitey was involved!

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He was sentenced to a year last November.

And now it's barely a year later.

From the brief description of this case there's not much info on his role aside from being one of the lower rungs.

But then at least one of the other guys he worked with got several years.

Sounds like somebody snitched and it caught up with him in a place he least expected it.

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More concerning 3rd Homicide in 2 days with ROSLINDALE connections. Also Dedham police were chasing a Roslindale holdup suspect.

Just wondering if these are murders connected, or 2 out of 3 are

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This is terrible for the guy and his family, but not every bad thing that happens in a very populous neighborhood is connected to every other bad thing.

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Makes you wonder if it is drugs or retaliation. I don't think Vermont murder is connected
But the other 2??

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would consider it a crime the conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute??? Isn't that one of the crimes that is no longer a crime according to DA's list.

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Go to the police.

Otherwise? Consider taking an adult education course in forensics or detective work. It might be a fun way to keep your imagination from running amok.

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And it looked like one even before the update about the victim having a record.

So, they're in wholesale food distribution now?

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It fell of a truck

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This other stuff can wait.

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Condolences to the VT victim and the others killed this week. I wasn't aware of the VT victim's drug history but it adds an interesting angle. I will say that transporting anything, including contraband, around New England (or anywhere) in a clean, well marked truck from a legitimate business might be one of the safest ways to avoid detection. Any driver could do it himself without ownership knowing. I'd also question if any of the earlier deliveries were COD (many small restaurants have no credit) and who knew how much cash he was carrying. It will be interesting if K9 or other means turns up any drugs or residue in the cargo hold.

In the rare case that a truck is stopped by police, patrol officers and road troopers aren't going to spend much time going through the cargo (if they open the back at all). State Police "truck teams" are scarce with weigh stations closed most of the time. Cops tend to aim for the low hanging fruit, so the thought is that a truck that hasn't been cleaned or cared for probably has some safety/maintenance violations too. Katsiroubas has always maintained clean looking trucks like the one shown. Cops are more likely to let something like that pass by than a filthy, poorly marked truck with the plate held on by one screw. A good test for the trusty but little used VT State Police homicide unit.

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The Globe reports.

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for giving him another chance.

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murder. The other 4 convicts got 2 1/2 years to 17 years. He walked in less than a year.
Some bad blood?

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