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Finally, a festival for people who like to drone on and on

The Dig reports on the Boston Drone Film Festival, the city's first film festival devoted to footage taken by drones, on Friday.

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...I hope all these films omit the usual musical soundtrack and instead play a mosquito-like buzz throughout, so the audience can experience the drones the way their victims subjects do.

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A few hundred years ago, there were no aerial shots. Eventually you could send an artist up in a hot air balloon to sketch out the scene. With the advent of airplanes and helicopters, a cool aerial shot was "easy" but it still used to be such a big deal and left a lasting impact. Now kids can film that stuff in HD with their $30 drone and the world is awash in cool aerial photography. The thrill is gone.

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You could make that argument for anything that was once hard for the populace to get, but is now attainable. Cameras, computers, guitars, etc.. The "thrill" isn't just having it, but its perfecting and refining the art.

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