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Friends say farewell to Woodrow, who was a good boy

Memorial to Woodrow the lab

Brenden paused to take in a memorial on the Commonwealth Avenue Mall to Woodrow the Labrador retriever.

Woodrow died last week, 15.

His owner, Jenna Blum, organized a memorial for him last night on the mall, at the bench between Berkeley and Clarendon where "he spent so much time enjoying our neighbors, friends, and charming strangers (especially the ladies)."

The bucket next to the bench contains his favorite treat, bacon, along with a note: "Please help yourself, courtesy of Woodrow."




So many of us have been through this, many of us over and over again with special pets and it hurts so much. But take comfort knowing Woodrow knew he was super loved and happy thanks to you and all who felt happiness in his presence. Jenna, I hope you keep having dogs or any animal of your choice throughout your lifetime because it's people like you who we need more of and so do animals. God bless you.

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.... what a wonderful, generous & supportive comment. I am really grateful you read the story about my tribute to my boy, and it will be my honor to always have animals. Bless you, too.

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...and your great dog sitter who also cared for him so kindly.

I'll miss seeing you on my morning walks. Please come out and sit on the bench from time-to-time. Staying connected to Woodrow's fans would be a great memorial to him.

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Thank you so much. It will be my honor! I will happily be the dog lady giving out treats to all of our friends… Forever.

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