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Officer shoots man who was repeatedly stabbing another man in Fields Corner and refused to stop, police say

An officer whose partner was trying to stop a man who had repeatedly stabbed another on Adams Street late Monday shot the man in the thigh when he turned his knife towards the officers, Police Commissioner William Gross said at the scene:

Gross said officers were on patrol around 11:25 p.m. when they spotted one man repeatedly stabbing another in a fight outside 208 Adams St., near Dorchester Avenue.

The man refused orders to stop and when one officer tried to pull him away from the victim, he tried to stab the officer - whose partner shot him, Gross said.

Gross said officers applied a tourniquet to the stabber's leg.

Both victim, who was stabbed in the neck, among other spots, and suspect were taken to local hospitals and are in stable condition, Gross said.

The alleged stabber, Luis Gomes, 32, of Dorchester, was charged with armed assault with intent to murder and assault by means of a dangerous weapon, police report.

Innocent, etc.

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While shoot to kill would have been warranted in this case , a leg shot stopped the attack.
Good Job.

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When are you leaving Dorchester?

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For my home.But I think the complexion of my neighborhood is not what they are looking for.
I like it here, we have our problems but it's a great area.

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So you would have just let the stabber keep on stabbing the victim and the police officer?

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I doubt the 'leg shot' was intended. Most bullets fired from pistols under real conditions do not hit their target. In fact, most don't even hit the person targeted.

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That spot is a real problem zone. Even at 2pm that bench around the flagpole is real sketchy and the business owners look really fed up over it. The city needs to do something to just clear it out and return the mini plaza to normal.

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Agreed, all of fields corner is a mess. You can’t use the citizens bank atm without tripping over some person laying in their own piss.

Police and the city have totally neglected the area for decades.

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City Hall and the local media treat like Dorchester Vietnamese community like it is invisible.They've worked and fought hard to turn Fields Corner around for 20 years with little to no assistance from an apathetic city.

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I agree and disagree. I do think one major problem is that the people who make the downrange decisions are not familiar with the areas they are making decisions for.

One positive from Boston becoming so expensive though is most people who make these decisions are now finding themselves pushed into DOT as the rest of the city becomes too expensive. When they see these zones on a daily basis maybe they will change policy.

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transplants struggling to make end meet in fields corner rarely stay in Boston (nevermind Fields Corner) long enough to register to vote let alone get engaged like that. Simply because it snot enjoyable and they move elsewhere that's cheaper safer and with better schools

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is Heroe's Square.

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I heard a LOT of sirens last night - probably units from other parts of the city responding - and looked outside to see what I could see and looked online to see what happened. I hope everyone comes through okay.

(Found this on Twitter last night.)

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The officer who discharged his firearm is not Wyatt Earp. He shot the madman to prevent him from stabbing his partner or other innocent citizens. Do you really believe he had time to aim his firearm and target the stabbers leg instead of his head? Both officers are heroes and the community of Fields Corner who have had their share of violence in the recent months appreciates their good work.

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But I applaud that Officer for not trying for center of mass.


Neck stabs are usually very deadly. Cudos to that BPD Officer.

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While the thigh shot sounds good, I highly doubt this was the aim point and won’t expect this to be the new norm. I guarantee this was an extremely hurried shot. Pistols aren’t as accurate as you would expect and Police don’t practice shooting as much as they should. An Officer that practices twice a year will almost always be a little rusty for the first handful of rounds.

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I vote against encroachment onto civil liberties by police, as well as their systemic racism,and I strongly disapprove when their lack of training causes them to kill some body. All of that makes me angry and inspires dread that society is going in the TOTALLY wrong direction.

however, as neutrally as I can I wish to approve of the officer's carrying out of his duty in this case.

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