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Group plans series of comic books featuring Boston supah-heroes

Big purple monster eats the Pru

Nobody eats the Pru on my watch!

The Boston Comics Roundtable has turned to Kickstarter to help fund a series of three comic books, titled "Boston Powers" and featuring the superheroes who live among us right here in the Hub of the Universe. And the Cape:

The Cape vs Sharkman

With Boston Powers, our aim is to offer readers of all ages - but especially young readers - fun and positive comics that bring the superhero genre to our own Boston-area neighborhoods. For We’ll publish 3, 40-page issues in the coming year: classic, floppy, stapled, full-color comic books.

Numerous scientific studies demonstrate the value of reading comics for developing literacy skills in young readers... all well and good, but we're a bunch of big kids ourselves and we just want the comics to be GOOD: exciting, funny, moving, silly, scary, imaginative adventures.

The roundtable is a group of local comics writers and artists who have been getting together for 14 years. In 2013, they put out their first series of Boston-based superhero comics.



Explains why Top of the Hub is closing.


Sounds totally groovy baby, yeah!


i thought pink floyd was added to boston calling.

Would be a giant inflatable pig flying over the Chinatown steam plant.

Not all heroes wear capes.....

Fun and positive comics? That's an oxymoron.

So, have they created the superhero characters already or are they taking nominations?

I would suggest:
- Super Tory (snow day power)
- Hawk (Avery Brooks badassery power)
- The Green Duke (recycling powers, also can channel the speed, energy, & momentum of an LRV built out of all the metal glass & plastic he's recycled over the years)
- The Inflator (true identity unknown (wink wink))

I would suggest that one of the heroes is "The T," with all the power of a locomotive, but who is also expensive, late, slow, and prone to breakdowns.