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No dancing in Chinatown restaurants, especially not after 10 p.m., board says

Update: Board issues two warnings to restaurant over the incident.

The owner of New Moon Villa on Edinboro Street in Chinatown had to answer a citation today for a Nov. 10 incident in which licensing detectives found three patrons dancing inside while sipping from the bottles of tequila and cognac they brought in with them - half an hour after the restaurant was supposed to be shut due to the state's current Covid-19 regulations.

The Boston Licensing Board will decide Thursday whether to mete out any punishment, for the patrons being on premises after 10 p.m., for their dancing and for their consuming hard liquors in a restaurant only licensed for beer and wine. The first two became offenses this summer as the state tried to reduce the spread of Covid-19, while the last is a violation of rules that date back to the end of Prohibition.

The restaurant's owner said it was all a mistake - that the waiter on duty assigned to closing up at the new pandemic closing time of 10 p.m. lost track of time as he went about the place getting ready to shut for the night and didn't realize the three had brought in the hard liquor.

Det. Eddie Hernandez said the patrons were not shy about either the dancing or the liquor - the bottles sat on their table, he told the board.




Shocked that a restaurant in this fair city would be flouting the rules to the degree that they'd be pulled in front of the licensing board a mere three weeks after the alleged transgression. Even more so that it would be a particular eating not known for its food or dancing but for cold infusions served teapot-style in the wee hours of the morning. And as far as the staff being aloof to the time, I find it preposterous that the owner would be blaming them as in the past they've been known to display the utmost vigilance when it comes to patrons being bold about their intentions.

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If you are drinking in the Moon Villa you most likely have enough alcohol in your system that the CDC wants you as a human hand sanitizer production facility anyway.

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