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Driver hits ambulance at Mass and Cass, runs away, is arrested on a rooftop, removed via fire ladder, police say

Boston Police report arresting an Andover man they say ran into the back of a Boston EMS ambulance that had its lights and sirens going, then got out and ran away, ultimately winding up cornered and then cuffed on the roof of an industrial building next to Clifford Park.

Police say the crash, shortly before 9 p.m. on Wednesday, caused minor damage to the ambulance's rear bumper. Edward Bates, 30, of Andover, fled on foot. Police began looking for him and ultimately found him on the roof of 150 Shirley St., several blocks away, where state troopers who had joined the pursuit climbed up after him and placed him in custody. A Boston Fire ladder truck was brought in to bring him down to the ground and to booking.

Bates was charged with operating after suspension, operating within 300 feet of an ambulance with its lights and siren activated, leaving the scene of an accident causing property damage and trespassing, police say, adding he was also charged with possession of Class B drugs for the "small plastic bag containing crack cocaine" officers found in his wallet.

Innocent, etc.




Hits an ambulance at Mass and Cass
This guy has no class
Runs to a roof
What a goof
He needs a kick in the ass

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Ps, operating after suspension should = lifetime driving ban

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Except that it's not even a prosecutable offense in Suffolk county. Actually nothing that dude did is.

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There's a list of prosecutable offenses right there.

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What did he do that is not allowed under the following list?

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You and Magoo go get a room. You're both tired.

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You may want to take another look - there's a big ol' paragraph at the bottom that's pretty important here:

In the exceptional circumstances where prosecution of one of these charges is warranted, the line DA must first seek permission from his or her supervisor. If necessary, arraignment will be continued to allow for consultation with supervisor. Thus, there will be an avenue for prosecuting these misdemeanors when necessary but it will be appropriately overseen by experienced prosecutors.

I'm going to guess "dude with drugs commits hit-and-run on ambulance" will qualify, but if you disagree, why not follow this story, wait and see if the charges get dropped, and then make your public complaint at that point?

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My teenage son was talking to a guy who works with him at a local take out place. The guy is about 25 with three kids and had just gotten his drivers license. My son asked if it was nice being able to drive and the guy said, "Man I've been driving for 8 years, I just finally decided to go legit."

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As a former Base Head from the 80s, I can confidently say this guy was displaying classic Base Head behavior. Going to extreme lengths for that small white pebble.

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And dark clothing, and no lights, and no reflective clothing.

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for being hard to see, and for making sudden moves across the roadway.

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