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Citizen complaint of the day: A bad parking job that merits a windshield sign in the South End

Placard on rear windshield says car owner sucks at parking

A disgusted citizen filed a 311 complaint this morning about somebody who parked in a Waltham Street space that's supposed to be open in the mornings for drop offs at a daycare there. "I did not put the sign on their windshield," the complaint emphasizes.

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It gets so tiring dealing with people who ignore drop off and pick up spots. It is bad enough when people idle in them but at least if you pull up behind them they can move since they are in the car. The same thing happens all the time at supermarkets in their curbside pickup locations. Pickup/drop off spots exist for a reason, they are meant to alleviate the need for multiple spots since people can literally just pull up and do whatever they are doing fast and leave. When someone parks in one they jam up the whole system.


I'm curious if businesses pay the city to keep spaces like these free during pick/up drop off times?

It gets so tiring dealing with people who ignore drop off and pick up spots

Oh motor vehicle operator behavior is much worse than that, in fact it's much like Covid-19 behavior. The rules don't apply to me.

The sign isn't on their windshield.


I mean, it is actually called the “rear windshield”....but what do I know??


Never heard that term before.

If the main goal of this particular window is not to shield the occupants from the oncoming winds and debris brought on by said winds, is it really a windshield?

As a followup, if the rear window is a windshield, what are the side windows?

Cars only go forward and reverse ergo only the front and back are windshields.

I’m pretty sure wind can come from any direction…

That isn't bad parking, that's Masshole parking.

Masshole parking is way more like it!