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A little early for July Fourth

Turkeys in Harvard Square

With few people left, the turkeys, including these red, white and blue-faced behemoths, have colonized Harvard Square, Ron Newman discovered today.

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Those guys are spectacular! I hope they find the ladies of their dreams and make more beautiful birds.


there were a couple of hens around this area too, so chances are they'll do alright. two years ago there was a hen and five chicks that I saw in the yard. They're pretty much a fixture around here at this point.

Face balls

They took their time crossing Mass Ave while holding up a honking #1 Nubian bound MBTA Bus.

If they had middle fingers they would have saluted the driver. They don't just act like they own the place ...

Two males walking down the center of Mass Ave, near the Harvard Bookstore.

And one female, not impressed by any of that stupid macho display, staying on the sidewalk.

My grandmother have 3 turkey

I love this Bird so much

They are taking over JP as well.

Do will still buy them at supermarkets for Thanksgiving?
They're right here.

From what I understand, they're way too tough to eat for Thanksgiving dinners, or to eat at any time, for that matter.

Inotherwords, these wild turkeys are not edible.

they're edible--why do you think people hunt them? It's a little gamier and has more dark meat--more flavor. Obviously, the wild ones are smaller but more muscular.

But these guys probably have ingested a lot of lawn care chemicals and other lovely things that would tend to make eating them risky due to body burden of toxics.

Every time I visit my family in Brookline, I see a whole slue of these wild turkeys! It's pretty unbelievable!

seemingly ignoring the many people who walked up to them to take photographs yesterday. The Brookline flock sounds terrifying to me.