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Man gunned down in Egleston Square leaves behind pregnant fiancee, stepdaughter

Rashaad Miles

Family and friends have identified the man shot to death on Washington Street in Egleston Square on Wednesday as Rashaad Miles of Roxbury.

His fiancee Ashleigh's sister has set up a GoFundMe page to help her and her 10-year-old daughter - which would include replacing the car that was shot up as Miles sat in it. He managed to get out, then collapsed on - right in front of Ashleigh, who held his hand until first responders arrived and rushed him to a local hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

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Hi Adam - I assume both "Ashleigh" and "Ashlee" are referring to the same person. Which spelling did you mean to use? Or, if they are actually two different people, what was Ashlee's relationship to the victim?

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Stupid mistake fixed.

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He also have two biological son ages 7 and 9 why aren’t they mentioning them?

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Fifteen years ago, he was (wrongfully) accused and convicted of murder. Now he himself has been gunned down in broad daylight, leaving behind a family who depended on him. What connection are you trying to draw here? Or are you just being your normal mouth-breathing race-baiting dog-whistling self and trying to imply something while being too much of a coward to come out and say it?

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Just asking if it is the same person. I remembered the name and case, so I googled it. It seems particularly newsworthy if it is. I live a few blocks from the scene so it is kind of top of mind when I come home from work and my kids tell me there was a shooting on Washington.

But, Fuck You! What evidence you you have to call me a "mouth-breathing race-baiting dog-whistling self"? I moved into this neighborhood twenty years ago because I'm not a racist and I sought to raise a family in a mixed race/income neighborhood. There is nothing about me or words I have posted to allow you to post that shit.

As Swirly would say, citation please!

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Arthur Rashaad Miles has 2 sons 9 year old Rojan Miles and Riley Miles 7 years old and you guys are printing about his step daughter and his fiance what about his sons . Thiught you reporters do investigations

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Adam posted about the Gofundme, which appears to have been started by his recent partner's family for the benefit of her and her family. For whatever reason, they are focusing on this partner and children, and perhaps others are supporting the other family members.

The beauty of a site like this is that people who know the family can also add that he has two more children, and now we know about them and they can be in our thoughts as well.

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