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The race to normalcy

Boston Marathon

Photography Natalia watched the first Boston Marathon since Patriots Day, 2019.

Also on hand, in Brookline, a giant chicken:

Chicken at the Marathon

Chicken photo by Michael A. Burstein.

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Who were the first “non elite” male and female runners to cross the finish line, what were their times, and how much money did they receive for that accomplishment?

Oh wait, the BAA won’t focus on that, will they?


Why focus on performance of non-elite runners? It's not as if elite runners are a different species from non-elite runners. They're just runners who previously ran competitive race times.


If you're genuinely curious, anyone can look up the full results for all runners here:

The BAA focuses on plenty of non-elite stories (just check out their Instagram here for a sampling: https://www.instagram.com/teambaa/), but it's no surprise that most media coverage is going to focus on the elite runners, in the same way that you're more likely to hear about Tom Brady vs your neighbor's flag football team.


I thought that maybe the timing of the Marathon would throw you off, but apparently, you always have that hair across your ass. I find it amazing that a world class event like the Marathon can irritate somebody so much - an event that is so uplifting and one enjoyed by so many people, an event enjoyed by all walks of life, an event celebrated by both participants and spectators, an event people travel to from all corners of the globe.


the Boston Marathon is way more accessible to non-elites than other elite athletic endeavors. I have no chance of ever playing in the NFL, and tickets to a Patriots game might cost me hundreds of dollars - but I could one day potentially qualify for a Boston Marathon bib with some more training (or get a charity bib even if I can't qualify), and it's free for anyone to spectate.


You must remember the first year you were cognizant of the marathon, no? Who was the first non elite runner in that year?

The reality is that ever since the marathon became a thing, there were elite runners. A Mohawk from Canada won in 1907. The Koreans dominated the race after the Second World War. Then the Finns started coming over. Various sundry John Kelleys fought it out over the years, too. The difference between, say, 1921 and 2021 are the large numbers of non elite runners.

Literally nobody in our outside of the city knew/cared and the entire event was a bust.

Why try to shoehorn this in now and not just wait until after the winter and hold the marathon as it was intended?

My suspicious gut says sponsors gave resources ($$$) that went underutilized so somebody had a financial incentive to jam this through.

I knew it was happening, and went to go watch, as did a lot of other people. And for the people running, it was great to be able to enjoy running the Boston Marathon in 2021 after many missed out in 2020.

Was it "a bust"? Maybe for you, and maybe for the sponsors, but for those who participated and watched, it was a great day as always.


Don't project your own unawareness of events onto others. Not everyone has their head stuck in your little cabbage patch.


OFFS you know you’re cranky when you have to start shitting all over the marathon


Literally nobody in our outside of the city knew/cared and the entire event was a bust.

That's a very Trumpian statement, full of false claims, exaggerations and lies. You lost all credibility right there. You even doubled down on your nonsense by saying literally nobody.

But, why not have the Marathon, even if it's a little late? After having pretty much every event cancelled in 2020, people are begging to get back to doing their favorite events, whether it's running, cycling, weddings, concerts

It was carried live on the NBC Sports Network, just like all of the major marathons.

At the end of the day, thousands visited Boston for the marathon, staying in hotels, eating in restaurants, and otherwise spending money. That’s financial incentive enough.

I loved it and was extremely glad it was back.

on the other side of the street?