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China blocks Celtics streaming after player calls its dictator brutal

WBZ reports China didn't like it when Enes Kanter called Xi Jinping a "brutal dictator."

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But with this sort of political courage running counter to the NBA's financial interest, I'm afraid he won't be long for the league. Especially considering he's not a starter.

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Kanter and Tacko Fall were harassed a few years ago outside the mosque on Prospect Street in Cambridge by Erdogan's goons.


Keep it up Enes. You are a noble person.

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the "shut up and dribble" and "keep politics out of my sports" crowd will have to say about this one. I suspect they will be rather silent for some reason...

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Adam Silver and the crew at the NBA's headquarters has probably already drafted his apology letter. I do believe the league's policy is "you can talk politics all you want, so long as it's not Chinese politics, as we don't want to offend Chairman Xi and the glorious Communist Party."

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State owned Chinese media criticize our political class regularly, they need to grow up if they can't handle an NBA player speaking his opinion. tough.

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Way to show you're not a dictator Xi, very level headed response *eyeroll*

Kanter using his voice, I love it, hopefully the NBA doesn't penalize him

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