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Cambridge delays re-opening of school to Wednesday

Cambridge Day reports the city wants to give school staff and students more time to get tested for Covid-19.

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Arlington is apparently doing something similar, with students being split into two cohorts, each cohort coming in either Monday or Tuesday until lunch and getting pool-tested, with everyone negative coming back on Wednesday.

Somerville, on the other hand... is not doing anything special except asking everyone to test their kids on Sunday night, even if asymptomatic. You know, with their plentiful tests. (They *did* send kind home with a 2-pack before break, but also encouraged people to use them, so I don't know how many families will even have a lateral flow test to use...)

We're considering just skipping the first couple days of school, only coming in for the PCR test. -.-

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Still waiting for BPS to say something besides “happy new year” and “reminder: we’re closed Monday.”

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Based on the line I just saw for the tests in Harvard Square, some of them will still be waiting on Wednesday

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My understanding was that BPS won't delay reopening without DESE approval, which isn't coming. BLS did send home test kits for kids to take tomorrow prior to returning on Tuesday, which should help but I imagine there still be kids who are contagious on Tuesday who don't test positivie tomorrow.

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and that DESE's big hammer has been to say that remote instruction won't count towards the required number of hours.

So maybe they could declare a "snow day", as long as they make it up later...

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