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Man stabbed to death on Union Street downtown

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After I parked and walked over to go to Sons.

Best wishes to the victim.

EDIT: (Expletive), it was fatal. Best wishes to the family, then.

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Then again I am not. That area around Haymarket Station attracts vagrants, including the park.

But 630 on a Saturday Evening. Good thing it was raining, that area is full of the overflow of Tourists from Faneuil Hall.

Sucks that they died. Thoughts for their family and friends right now.

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It was absolutely bonkers downtown last night. St Patrick's Day bar crawls left right and center. It was definitely amateur hour in downtown Boston.

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I forgot about SPD crowds. (sorry not into SPD so I sorta block it out)

But yeah you are right. Wow.

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Nothing good happens here after 6pm.

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