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DA: Man attacks bus driver who took pity on him and let him ride for free

A homeless man was arraigned on a variety of charges this week after he allegedly went nuts on a Route 22 driver who let him ride for free after the fare machine wouldn't accept his dollar bills, the Suffolk County District Attorney's office reports.

Donnell Flattes, 23, was charged with interfering with a bus driver, indecent assault and battery, possession of a Class D substance with intent to distribute, resisting arrest, and two counts each of assault and battery on a public employee and making threats to commit a crime for an incident on a bus on Talbot Avenue in Codman Square around 8 p.m. on Sunday, the DA's office says:

He attempted to pay his fare with paper bills, but the fare machine was out of order and the bus driver allowed Flattes to ride the bus for free.

Though the bus was nearly empty, Flattes allegedly chose to stand over the yellow line at the front of the bus - a violation of posted safety rules. When asked to move back behind the line, Flattes allegedly cursed at the driver and insisted that he would stay where he stood until the bus arrived at its destination of Ashmont station, prosecutors said. When asked a second time, Flattes responded by throwing an alcoholic beverage from a cup he had in his hand onto the bus driver's face and shoulders, causing her to temporarily lose her vision and abruptly stop the bus on Talbot Avenue, prosecutors said.

As the bus drive waited at the location for a MBTA bus inspector, Flattes made a forceful attempt to place his unpaid fare into the driver’s shirt pocket, indecently assaulting her in the process, prosecutors said. Ignoring pleas from the bus driver and a fellow passenger to leave the victim alone, Flattes reached across the driver’s body in an attempt to shut the open bus doors, prosecutors allege.

Officers from the Boston and Transit police departments responded to the scene and placed Flattes in custody. He violently resisted, knocking one officer to the ground, tearing off his name plate and lacerating his forearm, and requiring the officers to physically lift him into a patrol wagon for transport, prosecutors said. Once inside, he allegedly made statements threatening the officers.

According to the DA's office, at booking, police found seven small bags containing marijuana in his pants pockets along with dozens of similar, but empty bags and a small scale in his backpack.

At his arraignment in Dorchester District Court, Judge Thomas Kaplanes declined a request from a prosecutor to impose bail, but revoked his bail on an earlier incident. He also ordered him to stay away from the T and the driver, stop drinking and attend AA or similar meetings until his case is resolved.

Innocent, etc.


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Hopeless . Drugs. Alcohol. Everywhere. Revolving door, viscious circle, epidemic. Open your eyes people and mayor and government. Addiction is causing a huge percentage of the violence, robberies, litter, homelessness, etc., etc., etc.

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Every day we read about bus drivers and passengers getting spit on or getting beat up now the cops get beat up trying to help them. The cops arrest these criminals and the courts release them the next day and their back on the bus by noon.

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