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Ten arrested, more sought for vicious beating at Brighton Center bar that sent man to the hospital

A horde of guys from across Boston and the South Shore face assault-and-battery charges for their alleged roles in a beatdown at the Green Briar Pub on Washington Street on Jan. 24 that sent a 20-year-old man to nearby St. Elizabeth's Hospital in serious condition, the Suffolk County District Attorney's office reports.

The suspects, who started filtering into Brighton Municipal Court last week for arraignments that continued through Monday, each face three counts of assault and battery with a dangerous weapon and one count each of assault and battery, the DA's office reports.

According to the DA's office:

Police and prosecutors say that about 20 men attacked the victim inside the establishment shortly before 1:00 on Jan. 24, kicking and beating him with fists, bottles, and chairs. The victim was seriously injured and transported to St. Elizabeth’s Hospital; he is expected to survive. ...

In the course of their investigation, Boston Police detectives obtained video footage from multiple cameras at the scene and began circulating it in order to identify the perpetrators. Those efforts led to arrest warrants for the 13 charged suspects. In the course of executing search warrants for clothing and other items depicted in the video footage, police recovered two firearms, eight rounds of ammunition, and one high-capacity magazine.

Arrested and arraigned are:

Dominique Finch, 25, of Jamaica Plain, $5,000 bail, Jamall Fisher, 33, $1,500 bail; Joe Simmons, 39, of Dorchester, $5,000 bail; Leroy Wells, 30, of Plymouth, $10,000 bail; Nasean Johnson, 32, of the South End, personal recognizance; Roosevelt Wilkins, 29, of Dorchester, $5,000 bail; Terrence Wilkins, 25, of Quincy, $75,000 bail; Tyrone Wilkins, 31, of South Boston, $40,000 bail, Marquise Miller, 31, of Dorchester, $30,000 bail; Theodore Gamble, 31, of Jamaica Plain, already in custody on another charge.

Still at large: Charles Bowman, 25, of Jamaica Plain and Justin Searcy, 25, of Jamaica Plain. Authorities say they continue to investitage the incident and could charge additional people.

Innocent, etc.


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