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Man shot in Copley Square; suspect crashes car in Roxbury

Boston Police report arresting a Braintree man after a car crash in Roxbury but say he is a suspect in a shooting outside the Copley Square Hotel on Huntington Avenue in Copley Square.

Police charged David Fernandes with refusal to submit to a police officer, negligent operation, assault by means of a dangerous weapon - the car - and operation after suspension after he crashed a Kia Sorrento into several parked cars on Norfolk Avenue.

Police were looking for the car in connection with a shooting around 2:25 a.m. outside the hotel. Police say the victim is expected to survive.

Officers on patrol spotted the black Kia Sorrento at Melnea Cass Boulevard and Hampden Street, police say, adding that Fernandes then spotted them and sped off:

The suspect vehicle turned right on Massachusetts Avenue and then down several side streets in an attempt to remain out of sight of police the area. While speeding outbound on Norfolk Avenue, the suspect vehicle suddenly swerved into the opposite lane of travel, directly towards a police vehicle, causing the officers to quickly maneuver to avoid a head on collision. The suspect vehicle then continued to travel outbound at a high rate of speed before crashing into several parked cars in the area of 198 Norfolk Avenue. Officers later retraced the path of flight of the suspect vehicle and recovered a loaded .40 caliber Ruger handgun in the area of 38 Norfolk Avenue. The operator and three passengers inside the suspect vehicle were all transported to area hospitals for treatment of multiple injuries which are considered non-life threatening.



Mon Dieu! Somebody better alert the Consul about this dangerous Back Bay neighborhood that he operates in. They should relocate to somewhere safe like Neponset or Hyde Park if they want to avoid all these dangerous areas of Boston they warn their citizens about.

I know I'm beating a dead horse, but perceptions about where crime happens in the city need to change. Yes, there are more dangerous places than the corner of Huntington Avenue and Exeter Street, but wow, shootings over the past few weeks in Copley and on the Common, yikes.

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But who needs safety, parks, and public transportation?

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I agree about Marty but, on the plus side, how about our cops?!? It's stories like these that show we have a GREAT police force! They caught the perp & (probably) the weapon used. Thank you BPD!

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As a cop I'd like to say thanks to you. I can't begin to tell how much your support means to me.

It's hard not to get discouraged and complacent given the state of our country. I'd be lying if I said the NFL protests didn't hurt on some level. (But it's important to remember that they are exercising their First Amendment right to peacefully protest what they feel is injustice). And then you see the events in Vegas unfolding, and you see the courage those brace officers exhibited, by running towards unimaginable evil.

If there's any silver lining to this, it's that at least for me, people like you, and the incredible stories of bravery from the civilians and cops in Vegas, has made me want to be a better officer, a better person.

So, thank you for the kind comment. It means much more than you might know.

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The latest results say the mayor is doing a bit of a better job than you think.

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The latest results show he has strong public support, but that's not necessarily the same as results in public health, crime, schools, and other many other important factors.

Maybe he's improved the city in these terms, but based on the eye test, he certainly has not. Who has got my science facts??

I'd say it more so proves he has an effective political machine and fundraising system. He's done a great job of positioning himself as the anti-Trump fighter, but when racists, xenophobes, and generally awful people came to town, he advised to stay home. I'm pretty sure (but can't find the article) he then attended a BBQ in Bromley-Heath, an area to which his political priorities are rapidly forcing changing while driving long standing residents from their homes.

He has also taken loads of money from big donors.(https://www.bostonglobe.com/metro/2017/06/27/marty-walsh-campaign-chest-...).

I know it's common practice, but how can he be expected to represent peoples interests when they are at odds the wishes of developers and monied interests. Those same people have a seat at the decision table and the ordinary citizens do not. See: Olympic bid, 2016, bps budget, no Long Island bridge repairs or plan for ensuing homelessness addict crisis but GE gets huge tax breaks, affordable housing crisis while real estate and construction builds all over.

I do not think he is the working persons hero he's portraying himself to be.

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How does this reflect on the Mayor at all?

Out of town bad-guy gets stupid down-town at 2:30am. Cops catch him.

I'm very glad the cops caught him. But fail to see how any given Mayor influenced it whatsoever.

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