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Woman awakens in MIT frat to man touching her leg

WBZ reports on the incident at Phi Kappa Theta, 229 Commonwealth Ave. in the Back Bay early Sunday. It's at least the third reported attack at an MIT fraternity house over the past month, NBC Boston reports.

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I Felta Thigh was not to be taken literally.

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Both NBC Boston and the Globe report that one was at a dormitory. Please correct this. It's the 3rd reported attack at MIT-connected housing. The stories should also say that this frat was off-campus housing in Boston.

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That NBC Boston transcript is kind of a mess, with several factual mis-statements and some grammatical weirdness to boot.

And although I am loathe to minimize the event at PKT as a 'mere' burglary, the criminal was apparently stealing valuables (eg wallets on desks) from various rooms when he woke the woman as he moved around her.

The other two earlier reported allegations are of explicit sexual assault - arguably much more disturbing and serious.

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Do these kids use locks?

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The Back Bay fraternity houses are largely unchanged from when they were purchased by the fraternities decades ago, and were still built to function as homes for single families.

So, no. We're not talking about a condo here.

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