Woburn woman charged as knife-wielding homophobe on the Orange Line

A Woburn woman charged with threatening people with a knife on an Orange Line after the Pride parade earlier this month will be held without bail for at least two months after her bail on an earlier charge was revoked, the Suffolk County District Attorney's office reports.

According to the DA's office, Denise Knox, 36, was arraigned in Charlestown Municipal Court yesterday on charges of assault with a dangerous weapon, threats to commit a crime and a civil-rights violation for an incident on an outbound Orange Line train approaching Community College on the evening of June 9.

Prosecutors allege that Knox started talking trash to a woman carrying a rainbow flag:

After a hostile verbal exchange in which Knox mentioned the parade, used homophobic slurs, and threatened this woman, another passenger intervened and suggested Knox either leave her alone or get off the train.

Knox allegedly produced a folding knife at this time and threatened the passenger who intervened. This man moved to another car and pressed the emergency call button to report the incident. Transit Police officers responded to Community College station, where they were directed to Knox but were unable to locate a victim; their investigation continued in the hours that followed.

Later that night, the victim contacted Transit Police to report the incident. Based on her statements, a follow-up interview with the man Knox allegedly threatened with the knife, and a review of footage from MBTA public safety cameras, Transit Police obtained a warrant for Knox’s arrest.

Knox had bail on the Orange Line incident set at $5,000, but a judge revoked her bail on an unrelated charge of assault and battery out of Woburn, the DA's office reports.

Innocent, etc.


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If she is found guilty, can we deport her to Central America in exchange for a hard working family who will make good on the promise of the American Dream?

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Lots of Bruins, Lots of "Irish" stuff, Lots of Memes. Lots of "Boston Strong" stuff.


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tell me, what is wrong with

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tell me, what is wrong with lots of "Irish" stuff.

I am very curious.

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That's Italian... right? Definitely no history of rampant homophobia in Italian heritage, right? [HEAVY sarcasm]

I'm not Irish, but I am a Bruins fan who considers myself very open-minded.

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Adam - Heavy On The Anons Today, Don't You Think?

Costello is about as Irish as it gets. My parents have /had brogues for Christ sakes.

Maybe I shouldn't generalize, but when I see a lot of people with names that aren't exactly Irish but post "Irish and Proud" stuff, it tends to be someone who had a great grandfather who married some girl they think came from Cork. it tends to be a cover for "I need some group to identify with that makes me cool".

I think Russell Peters explains it best:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E53qBbsxNXs

As far as the lots of Bruins / Irish / Boston Strong combination of stuff. My experience with this (along with fighting someone with a rainbow flag and already out on bail) tends to be not exactly a model human being. That's the point.

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DYING to hear..

your idea of a "model human being". And I'm half Irish, do you I have your permission to say anything about Ireland and the Irish?

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You don't seem very "open-minded"

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The only believable part of your post is

"I'm not Irish"

Everyone knows Costello is an Irish name.

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See, the problem with posting anonymously is that you have to add notes in parentheses to indicate that you're being sarcastic. Otherwise people that don't know you might conclude that you're just a moron.

Actually, they'll probably conclude that anyway, but at least you'll be an anonymous moron.

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SamWack is just as anonymous.

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SamWack is just as anonymous. Or is Wack an Irish last name too? Fill me in as I am just a bottom feeder anon.

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I come

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from a long line of Wacks that came here originally from Scotland or Swaziland, I forget which. We tried to stop off in Ireland, but they wouldn't let us in.

I am not anonymous, but pseudonymous, a much superior condition. At least all my idiotic remarks can be associated with each other, allowing a coherent insight into my questionable character.

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Attending a ton of Bruins (or Bruins @ Whalers) games in the 80's & 90's, there were plenty of loud, drunk females in the stands with Neely or Bourque jerseys on, hair teased to the max. So I can see how people link this rowdy behavior to being a Bruins fan.

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