Man shot to death on Manchester Street in Mattapan

Victim identified as Alexander Allen, a supervisor with Boston Public Works.

Around 11:15 p.m. on Manchester Street at Cedar Street. Boston Police report the victim, 55, was shot repeatedly inside 201 Manchester St. He was taken to a local hospital, where he died.

He is Boston's 34th murder victim in 2018; the fourth in Mattapan.



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Cedar Street

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For a small street Cedar street seems to have a lot of citizens shot the past few years.

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After watching local news

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coverage of the event last night, seems all those shootings were aimed at the same guy. This was the same DPW worker that was shot in his Public Works truck last year, shattering his leg. They showed his family being interviewed, his father said he had warned him to leave town, to go somewhere safe. They later said in the segment he had been fighting a prolonged legal battle, and that the family had an idea who did it, but would not say anything to the media. They also reported after the shooting the suspects removed video cameras and recording equipment from the house.
There is a lot more going on with this story, I hope the local media stays on it. I know it wasn't a pretty white lady but it's still worthy of 48 Hours or 60 Minutes or something.

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Uhub murder page

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That's tough to hear. It was the murder of a very close friend who brought me here in the first place.

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I'm traumatized, living in sections of the city where this has been normalized for the last 30-40 years the police protection is void and the murder's don't stop. I hate boston for showing me my life means less and any day I can be killed.

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