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Convicted drug dealer nabbed with loaded gun in Roxbury, police say

Boston Police report officers responding to a call about a man with a gun in the area of Orchard Park around 3 a.m. found both the man - already wanted on cocaine-distribution charges out of Rhode Island - and his gun on Keegan Street.

Police say that when the officers pulled up on Keegan Street:

The male proceeded to change direction and began to walk away from officers. Officers observed the male bend down next to a parked motor vehicle as if he was placing an item under the front passenger tire. The male continued to walk away from officers until they were eventually able to stop him and speak with him. While speaking with the male, additional officers arrived on scene and searched under the car where the male had been. Officers were able to recover a loaded Century Arms Canik 9MM firearm as well as eighteen rounds of live ammunition.

Branden Bannister, 29, of Roxbury, was charged with unlawful possession of a firearm, unlawful possession of ammunition, unlawful possession of a loaded firearm and unlawful possession of a large-capacity weapon, police say, adding he was also charged as an armed career criminal, level 2, which means any sentences he gets on the gun charges could be lengthened.

He has past convictions for drug dealing and is facing ia current cocaine-distribution charge in Warwick, RI, the Warwick Post reports. The Post reports he was arrested in Warwick in May, after police who initially stopped him as he allegedly swerved all over the road found cocaine, marijuana, a scale and plastic bags in his car.

Innocent, etc.

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As a citizen and resident of Boston I would like to come in these officers for this particular apprehension and for the ongoing job of law enforcement.

However I would like to point out to my fellow bostonians. Every time and officer removes a firearm from the street will come in contact negatively with individuals they put their lives at stake. So think of this. Every arrest an officer could have lost their life.

I know several cases where buy career criminals shot it out with law enforcement. It could have happened this time.

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