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Man charged with sexually attacking girl selling cookies at Ashmont T station


Transit Police report arresting Mark Hurd, 56, of Dorchester on a charge of indecent assault on a minor for an incident around 7 p.m. on Nov. 18 at the Ashmont station on the Red Line.

According to police, the girl, 13, was selling cookies to benefit the Human Society:

The minor victim was properly permitted and had adult supervision. For a brief moment, the adult supervisor, was a short distance away to move a table. At this time a male approached the minor victim and began ask questions relative to the cookies. Shortly thereafter the male indecently assaulted the minor victim.

Hurd was arrested yesterday.

Innocent, etc.

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Money for People

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Why does the police report note that the girl had a permit to sell cookies? If she didn't have a permit would it have made it legal to assault her?

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Seems like that detail helps with establishing the facts relates to this incident. The permit application corrobates details of this incident.

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While I seriously believe the 56-year-old guy that assaulted the young girl who was selling Girl Scout cookies in the MBTA Ashmont subway stop platform is a real sicko and needs to be put behind bars for awhile, I seriously wonder about the idea of letting a young kid sell Girl Scout Cookies in an MBTA stop, since it puts a girl that age in an especially vulnerable position.

It's not the girl's fault that sicko attacked her. I tend to blame the Girl Scout troop leader(s) who let the girl sell the Girl Scout cookies on the Ashmont MBTA subway stop platform in the first place.

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Parents are worried about sending their kids on the MBTA ? The plaza at Ashmont has become a hangout for sickos.

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on the north side of the station, near Peabody Square there are usually 3-4 guys standing at the doors chanting, 'cab' gypsy cab' and dangling their keys. If there are any T police near by they are usually in a pack talking or chatting with each other instead of looking around. I've contacted the T police several times but nothing gets done. This station needs better coverage

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