Dentist charged with beating up 86-year-old cab driver in road-rage attack near Logan rental lots

State Police report arresting Nicholas Franco of Newton, whom they say got out of his car and attacked the driver of a cab behind him, at Jeffries Street and Transportation Way around 9:10 a.m. on Friday.

According to State Police, the cab driver, 86, was taken to a local hospital for treatment after Franco, himself 66, went on the offensive:

According to the victim, witness statements and video surveillance of the intersection, Franco, who was driving a 2016 gray Mercedes cut off and stopped his vehicle in front of a white taxi cab who was stopped at the traffic light on Harborside Drive [which turns into Transportation Way]. He exited his vehicle and walked over to the cab. The operator of the cab, an 86 year-old male exited his vehicle and the two engaged in a verbal altercation which led to Franco pulling the victims glasses off his face, pushing him to the ground and striking him in the torso. Franco then got back into his vehicle and left the scene.

Franco was charged with assault and battery on a person over 60, State Police say.

WFXT, which interviewed the victim, reports that Franco is a dentist with a practice in East Boston.

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I, for one, do not think it

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I, for one, do not think it is right to release the alleged assailant's place of practice. This obsession the public has to need to know everything about someone who hasn't had their day in court yet is kind of bizarre to me. Do we even know that he knew he was headed for a show down with a fellow senior citizen?.


You, for one

Seem to think his knowing the cabbie was old would make some difference. What difference would it make?
From the police statement, it's clear that Franco is the one who pushed the encounter to road rage and assault. If the other guy's age was significant to him, he could have got back in his car and left as soon as he saw the old boy. Him being a spry young fellow of 66, and all.


What a vicious bastard that Franco is!

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He deserves to have his the name and location of his practice revealed, to lose his business and clients, and to go to jail for a really long time. Here's hoping that son of a bitch Franco gets tried for and charged with assault on a Senior citizen, and thrown into the slammer for a good, long time.


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I also don't understand why the media publishes anything at all before someone has been convicted or admits to a crime. Too many lives, marriages, and careers have been destroyed by allegations that later turn out to be false. Other civilized countries don't do this.

I suppose it's all part of the 'news is entertainment' mentality that drives the media.


So you are against hard

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So you are against hard evidence like video surveillance? You prefer ignorance over information? Do you think gravity, climate change and evolution are fake too, or just the news?


Only Eastie?

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You wouldn't leave your neighborhood a couple times a year if you found a good dentist elsewhere?


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Old School. Thought that that had moved itself further up the North Shore to enjoy its golden years decades ago.

Gig economy for elders

He might have needed money for something or just still felt up to getting out and enjoying an occasional run. A lot of old school cabbies had a sense of vocation and loved meeting people from all over the world.

Sad that some douchebag hasn't yet learned anger management.


Several Craft Beers Too Many,

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Several Craft Beers Too Many, I am assuming.

Old School Eastie still being Old School Eastie was what I was talking about.