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Roslindale market held up at gunpoint

Henry's Market, 892 South St. in Roslindale, was held up around 9:30 p.m. by a man who showed a gun, took cash, then ran up South Street towards the parkway.

He's described as 6' tall, thin and muscular, and possibly white. He work a ski mask, a black jacket and brown Timberland boots.

Henry's was held up at gunpoint in November, 2017, by a group that held up numerous stores in Roslindale and Hyde Park.

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armed robbery twice in 6 months by complete scumbags. Its a shame, the owners are really nice people. Hopefully, they are prepared to defend themselves when/if this happens again.

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I totally get the anger they must feel being ripped off at gun point, but what'd they lose, a couple hundred bucks? Not worth risking your life for a fistful of money. I always remember the clerk at the old Little Peach by the monument in JP who fully complied with an armed robber and was shot dead anyway. Just say, "Yes sir" and give them the cash.

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You just proved my point. Owners should be prepared to defend themselves if necessary. The clerk in JP was gunned down despite the fact that he complied with the career criminal scumbag. Better to have a chance at saving your life than standing around waiting to get shot.

Side note, the criminal in the JP 7-Eleven case was a career robber/murderer. He killed a store clerk in the 70s up on the north shore (at a mon and pop store), was jailed, escaped, then was apprehended as he was preparing to rob another store (in either Cambridge or Somerville), then was jailed again.

As a reward for this trail of destruction, a liberal parole board thought it would be a good idea to release him back to the public and into a halfway house in Rozzie. So what does he do? Well, he did what he always does - he robbed a convenience store in JP and murdered an innocent clerk (who was an immigrant supporting his family btw).

Point being, the courts (and parole boards) will not save/protect you and police can't be everywhere - it's up to the individual to be prepared to save themselves in the face of criminals.

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If not, maybe you should consider that what you suggest makes things MORE dangerous - like the kid in the CVS who was killed for nothing.

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Its more dangerous to be ready to defend yourself if you are threatened with bodily injury or death? Wait, what? I'm failing to see the logic there. No matter your job, you should be ready to defend yourself when being attacked. I never stated that a clerk should be a vigilante, I said that, when looking down the business end of a firearm, you have the right to protect yourself - and should be ready to do so.

If you think a store policy, or "just compling with the robbers demands", or the police are going to ensure your safety then you are just naive.

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"liberal" parole board? So you have access to their voting records wow. Big Brother is here!

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