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Fight in Hyde Park supermarket ends in stabbing

A fight in at the Stop & Shop on Truman Parkway in Hyde Park left one worker with stab wounds and two men taken to the Hyde Park police station as possible suspects.

Police responded to the Stop & Shop, 1025 Truman Parkway, around 7 p.m. and quickly surrounded the place and began a line search inside the store itself, where they found the victim. At least two men were transported to District E-18 for questioning.

WCVB reports the person stabbed was an employee. The fight may have been triggered when he told a man without a shirt on that he couldn't stay in the store like that.



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This isn't a Market Basket.

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If the circumstances are true the way they are report it here in this article, the person who actually did the stabbing should get double the time and which they are sentence.

I pray that the victim in this stabbing recovers quickly and with less pain is possible.

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Bright a mop and some bandages.

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"Fight ends in stabbing". Like a natural occurrence of some kind or a weather event...no harm, no foul, no perp, no victim. Everyone carries a knife in the grocery store, just in case, and sometimes they just come out and stabbings occur. C'est la vie! It will be interesting to learn more about the details of this incident...that place is almost always pleasant and calm, I'm in there every day and I don't think I've ever seen a customer or staff member raise their voice, let alone get in a physical fight. 4th of July craziness and alcohol or drugs probably a factor of course. I'm sure there were plenty of witnesses.

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