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Police say man stopped for busted brake light in Dorchester had two loaded guns in car

Boston Police report a traffic stop on Harvard Street in Dorchester yesterday afternoon ended with the driver under arrest on gun charges.

Police say gang-unit members on patrol stopped a car with a broken stop light and windows that were too heavily tinted on Harvard Street near Warner Street around 4 p.m.

Upon notifying the operator of the motor vehicle infractions, officers located a Taurus PT 738 .380 firearm loaded with seven rounds of live ammunition and a Titan .25 caliber firearm loaded with one round of live ammunition from inside of the center console of the vehicle.

Thomas Searcy, 23, was charged with unlawful possession of a firearm, unlawful possession of a loaded firearm and unlawful possession of ammunition, police say, adding he also got a ticket for a defective brake light and excessive window tinting.

Innocent, etc.

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These kinds of stops always make me wonder what probable cause warranted the search.

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maybe you're right (probably not, but maybe)... There are no details indicating what gave them reasonable cause for the search. But even if the search wasn't completely justified, at least that's one more illegal gun off the streets, no arguing with those results. It's not like they'll have to give the illegally owned gun back, even if the guy gets off on the charge.

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The courts (both state and federal) are very generous to cops and their searches.

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Too heavily tinted windows are an automatic right to search the vehicle.

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Could have sworn that was just a 250$ ticket! Maybe you should do just a little research

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The Massachusetts window tint law is an idiotic law. The only people who really want it are cops, because it gives them a free workaround for the 4th Amendment to pull over any car with dark-looking windows.

MA window tint limits are 35% transmission front and back, which is not very dark. A brand new SUV with factory tint (which is perfectly legal - only aftermarket tint film is restricted) has rear windows darker than that. It's even legal to block the rear windows with drapes or cardboard. You just can't use tint film. In a sane world, MA would allow any tint in the rear. That's what California allows. It's safer for drivers and conserves gas in the summer.

For the sake of freedom from tyranny, Massachusetts needs a ballot question legalizing window tint, just like it needed a ballot question legalizing weed.

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