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Man shot in the head in Mattapan

Update, Aug., 8: Victim died.

A man was shot in the head at 55 Wildwood St. around 1:30 a.m., Live Boston reports. The homicide unit was called in.



Adam, I know you keep a log of murders by year. Do you know of another source that counts gun related incidents that don’t end in death? It seems like there’s a new incident every other day this summer.

I think a more accurate way to describe it is gang related and not gun related. Gang involvement is the reason for all these shootings, which I agree has increased over the past year. You always here about Chicago, Baltimore and Detroit as having gang and homicide problems, but it seems that Boston is right there. The media and local politicians do a good job not bringing it to national attention. It seems that the only place I here about this gang problem is on this website. Its almost as if its happening in Mattapan or Dorchester, they don't care about it.


I dont think its a secret Boston has a gang problem.

Its always been this way. I think people who do like 15 minutes of research could know that. Or folks who simply ask. Its very explicit if it happens in 'the DRM' it doesn't really matter. Boston has always had gang issues dating back to the 1950s and 1960s its just in the 1980s they became predominately black and Hispanic. Crime is much less now than it was in saw 2005 or 2010. Its generally getting better not worse.If you live in White Boston i guess its reasonable to surmise one would just be finding out about this now

Gang members shooting each other nightly, and no one cares. The real problems in Boston and our cities are ignored while people try to show off their moral superiority by fighting non existent problems.


Boston simply just doesn’t have the numbers. Homicides in Boston are incredibly low every single year. There’s been 25 this whole year and most likely will barely hit 40 there’s cities that get that per month. Boston hasn’t had more than 75 in 20 years and that was like 10 years ago. most years it doesn’t even come close to averaging 1 a week. There’s cities constantly putting up over 100 a year and their homicides are the same ways as Boston

There’s literally like 30+ major cities that have a far worse problem then Boston. Even for non fatal shootings. There’s been like 120 so far other cities are all well over 200

If the perps only had knives and baseball bats, they might commit some murders, but it would be much more difficult and the death toll would be much lower.

Boston's crime problem in the 70-90s disagrees with that notion. Boston had a lot more murders with knives and blunt objects back then.

did you seriously just compare boston to the war zone that is chicago...? chicago has more shootings in a weekend than boston does in a month

ViolenceinBoston on Instagram seems to have a bunch up updates more than other sources. It’s not private either so you don’t need an insta.

It's a gang problem not a "gun" problem. The same gangs are also going at it with knives and blunt objects too.

Boston might only have a 1-2 murders every few years if it weren't for gang warfare. Crime except for what I'd call professional criminals is almost nonexistent now in the city.

there was a news item that slipped past everyone, that over a billion dollars worth of cocaine was seized in Philly. It was many many tons of coke, that undoubtedly would become 5 times that much once the distributors were done stepping on it.
This giant disruption in the supply chain has undoubtedly been felt on the streets (at least in the northeast) as rivals fight over supply or people are sold a bag of baby powder instead of their sweet sweet fix.
As soon as I read this story I knew gunfire would follow.
The war on drugs is not about keeping people safe, it is about keeping certain classes of folks immobile, suppressing their vote, and keeping big pharma rich.
Keep your heads on a swivel out there folks, it will be back to normal soon when the next ship arrives...

Then BPD provides that. Their Crime Stats page has periodic YTD updates of various things, including shooting data. For example, the most recent report, which goes up to Aug. 4, shows there have been 100 shooting incidents (with 126 total victims) so far this year, compared to 91 incidents (and 112 victims) for the same period last year.

They also break it down by fatal/non-fatal shootings - and compare that to the five-year average.

If you want to break it down by neighborhood (well, police district, actually), I don't know that anybody's doing it, but somebody probably could do it with the data available through the city data portal, which lists all incidents, types (so in this case aggravated assault) and whether or not they're gun related (to rule out stabbings). It wouldn't be 100% complete because it's only BPD data and doesn't include incidents handled by State or Transit Police, but I suspect those numbers would be relatively small.