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Police say two guys were hanging out in Roslindale development with three loaded guns

Boston Police report arresting two Roslindale men on gun charges Saturday night after finding one with a loaded gun in his hoodie and the other sitting in a car with a loaded gun under his seat - and finding a third gun in front of the car.

Police say gang-unit officers got a tip that some guys hanging out at Washington-Beech might have guns on them. Around 11 p.m., they turned onto Beechland Circle and got out of their cruisers:

They observed suspect, Jayvon Williams, 18, of Roslindale, standing near the driver’s side of a parked motor vehicle. Due to the nature of the call, officers conducted a pat frisk and immediately felt the presence of a firearm in Williams hooded sweatshirt. The loaded firearm was a black revolver with a wooden handle containing 5 rounds.

Officers believed the passenger in the motor vehicle, later identified as James Hemingway, 29, of Roslindale, may have been concealing a weapon, so they safely removed him from the motor vehicle and observed a firearm under the passenger seat. The second firearm was a black semi-automatic Ruger LCP .380 containing 5 rounds in the magazine.

After further investigation, officers recovered a third firearm that was located on the ground in front of the driver’s side tire of the motor vehicle. The third firearm was a black semi-automatic Ruger LC9 containing 1 round in the chamber and 7 rounds in the magazine.

Both were charged with unlawful possession of a firearm and unlawful possession of ammunition, police say.

Innocent, etc.



I surely would like to say, The Boston Police Department has been doing an amazing, amazing job removing unlawful Firearms off The City of Boston Streets. Thank You!

To everybody all citizens of Boston you must understand the severity of the situation we're dealing with here in City regarding illegal guns.

I encourage everyone to please go look at how many guns Boston Police Department has removed from the street year-to-date.

Please be mindful each time these police officers who keep us safe, and who have families of their own, Each time they come in contact with a firearm of any kind or weapon; They could have lost their life, there could have been a police officer involved gun battle. A family who could have loss a father.

In our city, there has not been any officer, in any situation regarding a firearm; in which his discharge of a firearm was in negligence. Fall back and Commend Them.

WTF is the ATF, FBI or whatever other law enforcement entity is responsible for the interdiction of firearms into our city, Are they doing. Community Advocates, Our Political Representatives and everybody else, need to start calling in representatives from these agencies and explain and update, whatever the information they can release allowing us to understand that they are doing something.

We hold our local law enforcement accountable, why can't, we call them other guys into our community meetings, at our tables; to be held accountable?

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Hey gun control activists. Here you go. 2 guys, three ILLEGAL firearms. Want to get serious about stemming the tide of gun violence? Lobby judges in this state to make it a mandatory 10 year sentence for illegal possession. Everything else is bullshit. The sad reality is that these [email protected]$heads will get a slap on the wrist, then be back on the street to reoffend.

Legal gun owners are not the bad guy. Dirtbags with illegal guns are.

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Well clearly we don't give slaps on the wrists if we have the highest prison rates in the country.

Not sure what you mean by "legal gun owners are not the bad guy." Where exactly do you think these guns came from?

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yeah apologize for criminals - cool strategy. Since when is a high prison rate a bad thing?

And it you don't think we have a problem with ;light sentences for illegal possession you are either informed, ignorant, or a troll with an agenda.

Illegal guns come from people selling guns illegally - making them criminals also.
Pretty simple math if you follow along. And also from guns being stolen - also illegal.

Again - legal gun owners are not the problem. Mine were locked in a safe all weekend and didn't hurt anyone - plus I have a license to own them - amazing how that happens.

troll. sad.

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A high prison rate is a bad thing when a disproportionate amount of people in jail are brown or black. A high prison rate is a bad thing when prisons are privatized. A high prison rate is bad when there has been proven to be a pipeline to prison for POC.

What are your thoughts on the home grown terrorists shooting up the country that got their guns and ammo legally b/c of the weak laws and loopholes we have?

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Living in sparkling new public housing, and they still have guns. We just can't win....

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So you would like to live there? If it's not good enough for you it's not good enough for anyone else.

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I live a couple of blocks over from the Beach Street Public Housing. It USED to be a bad place to live but since they tore down the old projects and built nice new modern townhouses I for one would love to live there, particularly at the significantly below market rate that they enjoy.
It is a very nice complex, clean, well lit, nice park and amenities, and it's funny how many people who live there own some very nice cars. I thought public housing was supposed to be a temporary help up for those facing difficulty, not a long term handout. If you can afford a new high-end car, perhaps you should be letting those less fortunate take advantage of public assistance. I'm all for helping people to improve their lives, but If you're in the habit of carrying multiple loaded unregistered guns, you should be banned from public housing, period. The only public housing these individuals deserve is the grey bar hotel.

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You are scrutinizing the cars that people who live there drive? Do you follow them to the supermarket to make sure they're not splurging on lobster, too?

Most cars depreciate pretty quickly, but thanks to improved manufacturing no longer fall apart as fast, so you can get a used car that looks really spiffy that doesn't cost as much as, oh, a new Lexus.

The apartments are available now to people making up to 60% of the area median income, which, according to the latest BPDA figures, would mean a family income of a little more than $61,000 for a family of three - and a monthly rent of about $1,400.

It's not your father's public-housing project. A private management company now runs the place, after helping to rebuild it, in part through tax credits designed for such work (at the same time, the BHA was able to add more Section 8 vouchers and mortgage subsidies for residents able to make the jump to home ownership).

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So everyone in public housing has guns? Who are these "they" that you speak of?

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