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Two shot on Washington Street in Codman Square

Live Boston reports two people were found shot on Washington Street between Lyndhurst Street and Melville Avenue in Dorchester around 6:45 p.m.



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... they had very low cholesterol since they didn't have easy access to Popeye's delicious chicken.

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Glad you can find humor when two more families are suffering from gun violence that doesn’t impact you’re privileged ass.

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Not laughing at the violence, just the priorities of local activists.

People here in Roslindale also got more mad about a possible Taco Bell on American Legion than they have about the two people murdered over there last month so it's not an issue unique to Dot.

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I'm pretty sure the victims weren't boy scouts either and that's why they called in the police to ride in the ambulance because they were pretty sure they were armed.

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