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Two robberies in Jackson Square; in one, man punched in the head, in other, man robbed at knifepoint

Boston Police report arresting four teens - aged 13 to 17 - on charges they punched a man in the back of the head, then robbed him on Centre Street near Jackson Square around 5:40 p.m. on Monday.

Around 9:25 p.m., a man told police he had been robbed at knifepoint by three males at 964 Parker St. in the Mildred Hailey Apartments, Capt. John Greland at District E-13 reports.

According to police, the man was robbed on Sunnyside Street; Greland reports a group of six teens followed him down Centre Street from the T station. According to police, the suspects ran down Centre back towards the T stop.

Officers who swarmed the area found four of them hanging out inside Cappy's Pizza on Centre Street. They were charged with unarmed robbery and assault and battery. Police say the victim declined medical attention for a minor injury.


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Thanks to the folks in blue, but also ... the victim was followed all the way from Jackson to Sunnyside, and then assaulted and robbed in the middle of the day? Wow.

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Robust economy for kids who want a part time job right now. You'll meet people, learn responsibility, and make more money than robbing pockets and having to spit it among your peers if you don't get arrested. And for the ones too young to work, get your ass to an after school program or youth center. No room for sob stories. There are people and programs available to you if you have a hard life to make it easier and happier.

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