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One arrested, two sought for mini-crime wave: Driver carjacked, stabbed, pistol whipped; gun fired, arrest after foot chase, police say

Boston Police report arresting a Lawrence man on on multiple charges related to a series of crimes over several blocks in Dorchester last night - and that two accomplices remain at large.

Police charge that Edward Delossantos, 41, and two pals approached a man walking to his SUV in the area of Arbutus and Irma streets last night:

[W]hile he was walking towards his motor vehicle, he was approached by a male suspect who brandished a firearm. The victim stated he was forced into his gray SUV by the suspect and two other males. The victim stated the suspect had entered the back seat of the victim’s vehicle, while the second suspect entered the driver’s seat and the third suspect retreated to a white Mercedes. The victim stated the suspects demanded the victim’s money before striking him about the head with the firearm. The victim stated the driver handed the suspect a knife which he then used to stab the victim multiple times. The victim stated he attempted to flee the back seat of the vehicle, at which point the suspect fired one gunshot. The victim was successful in exiting his vehicle, as the two suspects fled the scene in the victim’s SUV.

Then Delossantos and his accomplices sped down Callendar Street the wrong way, police say:

Officers spoke with the victim who stated he was driving down Callender Street towards Blue Hill Ave when an SUV operating the wrong way on the one-way street struck the victim’s vehicle head on. The victim stated he exited his vehicle and approached the SUV in an attempt to speak with one of the two males who had jumped out. The victim stated one of the males brandished a firearm before fleeing the area. The victim stated he gave chase before the male suspect suddenly stopped, turned around, and pressed the firearm into the victim’s abdomen, fleeing again as officers approached.

Finally, police caught up with Delossantos on Carlos Street - where one of the victims was chasing Delossantos, police say:

At this time, officers observed one male chasing another male in front of 166 Callender Street. Officers pursued the two parties to the area of Carlos Street before catching up to one of them. The male suspect who was being chased by the second male, later identified as the victim, eventually came to a stop in the area of Carlos Street and as officers approached, they were alerted by the victim that the male had been in possession of a firearm. Officers placed the male suspect into custody and further located a Springfield Armory firearm loaded with six rounds of live ammunition while retracing his path of flight. The firearm, as well as a knife, were located in the bushes in the area of 162 Callender Street.

Delossantos is scheduled for arraignment in Dorchester Municipal Court today on charges of carrying a loaded firearm, unlawful possession of a firearm, unlawful possession of ammunition, armed assault to rob, armed carjacking, kidnapping, assault by means of a dangerous weapon and two counts of assault and battery by means of a dangerous weapon, police say.

Innocent, etc.

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"One-Man Crime Wave" would be an awesome solo music project name.

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doesn't seem like this was a one-man crime wave at all

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And I thought about that after I posted the story, but he's been charged with all those crimes, so seems like he was a one-man disaster all on his own.

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To me it sounded like the stabber/shooter, and the driver were actually different people. I'm not sure though, reading the write-up from the BPD page it's definitely confusing.

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