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Rowdy teens do damage in Macy's; one arrested after pulling out a stun gun and Mace, police say

Boston Police report arresting a Mattapan teen and scattering several others after three incidents in the Downtown Crossing Macy's yesterday afternoon.

Police report officers were first called to the store around 3:40 p.m. on a report of "unruly juveniles that were desroying property:"

While employees were escorting the group of individuals out of the store, one of the female juveniles swiped a shelf full of perfume onto the floor causing them to shatter. The estimated damage was approximately $1000.00.

Officers wrote her a summons to appear in court and held her until a parent could come get her, police say.


A few minutes later officers were called to the basement area of the same store where they observed approximately 15 juveniles gathered around the escalator causing a disturbance and damaging store furniture. Officers were informed that the juveniles were sitting on the furniture for extended periods of time and have caused damage to fabric with knives and burn holes from marijuana.

Police say the officers ordered them out of the store and the complied - but then some of them returned about a half hour later:

Upon arrival, officers observed about 8 - 10 juveniles in the passageway of the store. The juveniles were placing ski masks over their faces while one juvenile was observed removing what appeared to be a stun gun and mace from a backpack. Officer approached the group of juveniles and recovered the stun gun from the backpack.

The teen with the backpack, a 15-year-old from Mattapan, was charged with being delinquent for unlawful possession of a dangerous weapon, police say.



Delinquent style.


Boston Herald, this headline is for you.


We better hope Boston doesn't have an escalation into large, violent flash mins like in other cities.

DTX is a hot mess.


Officer Krupke.


Ya really gotta lay off the FOX News and AM Radio, bud.




Phone screen+Dry Fingers+Low Humidity = Typo.

Flash Mob?

Flash Rob Mobs are a thing in some cities with an overabundance of youths indifferent to committing petty crimes. Results in stores either closing (supermaket food deserts) from too many loses and insurance claims over stolen merchandise or merchandise being placed within secure cabinets, locking aisles, and the like.

I bet these "rowdy teens" are frequent flyers in juvenile court.


I only wish I had seen this one in person, at the Prudential Center Mall.


These so-called "petty" crimes that these youths are committing are not so petty, since they've also resulted not only in the malicious destruction of property, but in somebody's being knocked unconscious and permanently injured.

A friend was knocked out cold by a juvenile flash mob during a smash and grab in broad daylight. I don’t want to exaggerate the likelihood of this or reinforce unfair stereotypes, but the head injuries he sustained totally changed him for life. The opinion his family had about how brazen this is getting changed too.


Chopping Mall is one of my favorite movies so I can say anything but “sweet “

And was surprised to see a bunch of teens hanging out on the furniture, eating McDonalds. They were doing it openly, without fear of reprisal, and threw me some shade when I looked their way. Actually, it was the distinctive smell of McDonalds that caught my attention and I was surprised because I thought of their greasy fingers on the fabric and couldn’t believe they were allowed to stay as it wasn’t a good look. At the time, I wondered if it was an isolated incident, but apparently not


Title of this story should be Attempted Armed Robbery Stopped by Boston Police at Downtown Crossing Macy’s.


from Wellesley Im sure this thought would have never crossed your mind.


Poorly raised kids smoke weed and destroy furniture with zero repercussions.


Using the word rowdy is minimizing the teens' behavior. Employees and other shoppers shouldn't have to deal with that kind of intimidating aggressive activity. Returned wearing ski masks over their faces: that's disturbing.


likes for the comment about "flash mins"?

and made a typo. It's a phone thing. Those 25 figured it out.

Given the long-vacant stores in DTX, it seems unsurprising Macy's might rethink its place there - if DTX wasn't on the list before, I'm betting it will be before long : https://www.npr.org/2020/02/05/803016213/macys-closing-125-stores-cuttin...

so DTX seems like one they'd want to keep.

Looking at the list last week, I noticed that the stand alone in downtown Seattle is targeted for closure. In terms of overall economic growth, Seattle and Boston both are strong. That said, I've heard things about the state of downtown Seattle. Too much negative activity with the powers that be opting to turn a blind eye. In so many ways I hope that doesn't happen in Boston, but at the other end of I-90 we are seeing the results.

There were a few other stand-alones on the list, too, but again, Seattle and Boston are comparable.

Because I can guarantee you that whatever evil things you think people are turning a blind eye towards exists only in the paranoid fever dreams of the right wing swamp dwellers.

We should be asking what do these young people need? A community center? Better schools? Support for their caretakers? They weren't in second grade dreaming about flash robbing Macys and causing mayhem. They're obviously organized and motivated, why not use that energy for something good?


How about being taught to respect others' property? But what do you expect from a city that turns a blind eye to citizens stealing public parking spaces because they happened to brush some snow off their cars?


a stiff kick in the arse. No excuse for this.


What the heck is wrong with these kids? Where are their parents? Where did they learn that destruction of property and theft were acceptable behaviors? I understand that kids sometimes make poor decisions, but this is really inexcusable.


I went in to DTX store a month ago and saw young guys lounging in Furniture Department.There were people charging their cellphones and there WAS drug activity. The people doing this were not just teens from Mattapan either. What happened to Boston? it is a nightmare no civility, not a lot of safety.
Where does Rachel Rolllins shop? Not in our neighborhoods I bet. It is like a failed state because of the policies that hinder the civil order.


you've clearly never spent anytime in a failed state.


Is that such a bad thing? I remember when people would visit TV departments of stores to watch special events (election returns, World Series games, rocket launches, and the like).

Yikes.. I really like & appreciate this Macy's because it is so easy to get to by MBTA and because the staff are always friendly. And they always give me good coupons on whatever I buy. I hope they work through this and not let it detract from their presence downtown.

This is another manifestation of the decline of physical retail. The Haymarket Dunkin Donuts has been completely taken over by aggressive, disruptive opiate addicts and now apparently menacing or loitering groups of youngsters are encroaching on Macy's. There is something very dystopian about this. I feel bad for people who have to work in these establishments.